Weekend Rewind!

I swear the weekends go faster and faster every week!  And you know what else I can’t believe?! That Thanksgiving is in 3 weeks and then Christmas will be here before you know it!

I’m not complaining.. I LOVE Christmas (shocker, I know) but I’m always so sad when the Holiday season is over and it’s 365 days until the next!

So our weekend, you ask?! Mainly, I ask because I want to be able to look back at all this in many years to come and remember the little things 🙂

Friday night, we had a special dinner for friends before their wedding reception the next night!

At around 4:30 that afternoon, the snow starting falling and accumulating!  I love the snow (through Christmas, then it can go away along with the cold!) but when we have to go somewhere in it, I’m not a fan!

Thankfully the Mr drove us to and from because I really dislike driving in the snow!

We were able to relax a little bit on Saturday before heading to the Reception.  I shopped a little bit for some Christmas items…

And then we got some early happy hour drinks with friends before the reception.

The reception was a blast – it was with almost everyone from the wedding in Madeira!  We don’t all get together often with people living out of state, so any reason to celebrate together is a good time!

We danced…


and just had so much fun!

I mean – doesn’t this look like a blast?!

And a few more… just because 🙂

I love these people!

Sunday was a day of rest.. thankfully! 

And also for queso.. 😍

How was your weekend?! What’s one thing you did that you loved?!


7 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind!

  1. Rebecca Brittain says:

    Wedding celebrations are always so fun! Good food, drinks, friends, and lots of abundant love and hope. You looked great in your outfits and I regret returning those boots last year! I kept the black ones but couldn’t figure out when I’d wear the brown-ish ones. Silly me! 😉

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