Weekend Rewind!

Wow oh wow – y’all it’s been a while since I’ve shared anything in this little space! And honestly… im not beating myself up about it! Which is good, right?!

I thought I’d share a little bit about what we’ve been up to lately! 

This past weekend we had my family visit and it went by in a flash (don’t they all?!). On Friday afternoon, we headed to Mall of America for my nieces to ride on some rides!  We had intentions of letting Trinity go to Valleyscare but with the snow and frigid weather, we thought inside would be better!

We knocked out a little bit of shopping too!

And I’m so glad my nieces still like taking pictures with me! 🙂

We ended our trip with some Dip n Dots because we just love us some treats – especially anything like ice cream!

We headed home for some dinner and a Phase 10 whole we waited for my mom to get to town!

Saturday was so relaxing and nice to be with my whole family! 

We started the morning shopping at At Home for some holiday decor! And look who joined us?! 

I love that they have little areas set up for you to get some ideas! My Mom and Gayle have turquoise set up in their homes so they loved this little area! 

After shopping a little bit, we headed home to see my sweet little niece, Nora! My brother and SIL came up for a few hours with her so my other nieces could meet her!

And of course so I could snuggle her a bit 😉

So sweet to see my brother with her! 🙂

To say we’re all in love is an understatement! 

We ended the night with sinner at Chilis and some girl talk!

My family left the next morning and we headed down to Rochester to visit some friends that we hadn’t seen in forever

It was great to catch up with them and see the kids! 🙂

The other things on my agenda this week?! Christmas shopping!! I love getting my shopping done early so I can enjoy the whole month of December! I’m happy to say I only have a few people left 🙂 how about you?! An early shopper or last minute?

I haves really fun contest I’m going to share tomorrow on the blog – and the only way to enter is to send me a picture 😉 just wait and see!

Thanks for sticking around while I’ve been MIA lately! Have a great night!


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