Tips for Decorating your Front porch!

One of the most frequently asked questions is how I decide what to do with my front porch and if I can help people with theirs!

And one of my favorite things to decorate in every season is our front porch!


  1. Hang a wreath on your front door: This can add so much to your front porch.  if there’s one thing I recommend, it’s this.  It’s such a small detail, it can be overlooked sometimes but to me, it’s so inviting when I walk up to someone’s home and they have a beautiful wreath.  It can be DIY or store bought – just make sure it dresses up your door 🙂
  2. Stick to one theme: It’s easy to grab all your fall decorations and place it all outside BUT it looks a lot more cohesive and make more sense if you stick to one theme.

front porch23. Update what you already have: I love buying at least one or two new things to put out front but other than that, I just reuse and re-purpose other items I’ve used for other seasons.  For example, this chair… I simply replace the pillow every season and bam it’s set for the new season!

4. Balance is key: If you add something to one side,  you need to add something to the other.  Seems like common sense but trust me, I used to not know what to really put on each side when we had smaller spaces.

5. Keep things simple: When you have smaller spaces, you want to make sure you keep things simple.  Sometimes I get so excited to put everything out that it just looked a bit cluttered instead of welcoming!


6. Keep in mind the size of your porch: If you have a smaller porch like myself, you want to make sure it doesn’t look too cluttered.  If you have a bigger porch,  you want to make sure it doesn’t look too empty.  So when buying any pieces of decor (or repurposing) keep your porch size in mind!

7. Make it your own: Gaining inspiration from Pinterest or friends porches is great but make sure you add touches that truly make it your own. I love adding letters to my wreaths to represent our last name!

front porch 3

I loved our front porch last year and can’t wait to see it with our new siding!

8. Make use of plants and flowers: I love adding in #allthemums to my front porch in the fall.  They go so well with fall decorations and add the perfect touches.

9. Use all sorts of colors: Traditionally, fall brings reds, yellows and oranges to decor but more low key colors like whites and silvers can really spruce up a front porch.  I try to add a small pop of color as I can if I go the neutral route.

Hopefully these tips helped you with your future front porch decorating.  Truly, make your porch how you like and what makes you happy to look at!  Most people don’t visit your home on the inside so it’s nice to have people see the cute decorations on while driving by!

As always, you are more than welcome to send me pictures of your house still to ask for ideas 🙂 Can you tell I really love those front porches?!

Happy Wednesday!


6 thoughts on “Tips for Decorating your Front porch!

  1. Rebecca Brittain says:

    I absolutely LOVE your front porch – every season – every time you decorate. I notice all the details you put into it and you’re so right about every item listed. I miss having a front porch…it’s been many years now. But, when I do again…;) Game time! It’s so fun to decorate! XO


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