101 Market 

Happy Thursday! 

I totally planned to blog all week this week and then life happened so that didn’t happen! BUT I went to a cute little Pumpkin Patch market yesterday with a friend and had to share!

I’m such a sucker for pumpkins 🙂

I had never been before but Logan actually recommended it from a coworker! I didn’t think twice when I asked Gayle and thankfully she wanted to go just as much!

We plan to carve some pumpkins or at least see carved pumpkins this weekend so I snagged a few for outside until we get to carving!

How cute is this little stand?! 

And can we talk about fall fashion?! It’s my favorite (aside from my Lilly!) and I can’t get enough of sweater dresses, boots and a good wool hat! 

My sweater dress is from last year but how cute is this one?!

The market had such cute stuff inside as well – and we all know I’m a huge fan of Christmas too so this was perfect!

There were tons of activities for kids too – I mean, tons!  This will definitely become a place I’ll make note to visit for years to come! 

4 thoughts on “101 Market 

  1. Rebecca Brittain says:

    I love that outfit!! The pumpkin patch is the perfect backdrop for fall photos. I still need to go to one! I’m excited to see what you do with your pumpkins soon. And heaven help me, life is happening much too fast and I’m not accomplishing much of anything I had hoped to for the blog!


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