Happy Hour… Fall Home Tour!


Hey hey, it’s almost Friday!

I am still in disbelief that it’s October and pretty soon it’s going to be Halloween! I swear, time just flies by!

I’m linking up with Holly for our usual Thursday to share some home fall decor.  Now, usually I’m on the ball with this one… come September 1st, I’m pulling it all out BUT with our long trip and weddings we’ve had last month… I’ve been slacking!

So I’m here to share just a little bit of fall decor for your Thursday so grab your coffee, PSL or wine glass (I’m not judging!) and let’s get chatting!

Welcome to our home…

Our front porch is usually one of my favorite areas to decorate.  I figure we don’t have a lot of guests all the time but we do have a lot of people drive by!

I recently, in the last few months traded out our front table and picture collage out for this cute bench and coat rack! I love all things Magnolia so adding a few pumpkins to the wreath just made sense πŸ™‚

My wine rack is always decked out for the season!

And I just love this little Pumpkin Spice corner in the kitchen! Oh yeah… and those Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl muffins are so so good… definitely give them a try if you love pumpkin!

The last area I’m sharing is our TV stand… I can’t wait for the day we have a beautiful fireplace mantle to decorate but for now, I’ll settle for the TV stand (ignore all the cords! I keep telling Logan to move those but you know… men!).

I’m such a nosy person and I just love seeing other people’s homes and how they decorate/live! Anyone else like that?! Isn’t it just so fascinating?!

Hope you have a great day!! Thanks for reading along!


11 thoughts on “Happy Hour… Fall Home Tour!

  1. Rebecca Brittain says:

    All so pretty. Your pumpkin spice corner and wine table definitely pull me in. Pumpkins in vases and apothecary jars are one of the easiest yet most beautiful decorations to me…insert Christmas ornaments next and ding ding! A win all around. =)


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