Weekend Whereabouts!

Happy Tuesday!

It’s funny how many things I just realized and can’t believe… like the fact that we’re into September and Labor Day weekend has passed! The fact that it’s officially Pumpkin Spice season πŸ™‚ And the fact that weekends fly by too quickly! I swear, this month is already over with all the plans we have…

But onto my fun weekend spent with family and such special people! Friday night, we headed to the Wisconsin Badger game with my Mama, Sister, BIL, Step-Dad (close enough since they’ve been together forever :)) and Dennis’ son! 

 We didn’t really get to tailgate much since we didn’t get down there until late but we tried to make up for it with the little time we had before the game! This was Logan and my first Badger game and we were so excited!   The first quarter started off a little rocky but they pulled through quickly after the second quarter began.   Besides being SUPER cold (it’s barely September I thought?!) it was a lot of fun and we’re already looking forward to our next game! Saturday was spent lounging a little bit and enjoying a coffee run for my first PSL of the season!  Y’all… I’m obsessed as usual and forgot how much I love those little things! Definitely a treat πŸ™‚

 After our coffee run, we headed back to my Sister’s to relax a little bit before heading to the Taste of Madison. My niece and I enjoyed a snow cone (although, it was a bit disappointing because it was NOT good… I didn’t know that could be possible!). Always fun being around the capital πŸ™‚ While we were at the Taste of Madison, Logan was at Erin Hills (where the US Open was just held in June) playing his little heart out with an old college buddy!  He was pretty stoked to be able to play there and has been counting down the days since before we attended the US Open.  After we were both done, we met up and ended up meeting Delaney and Marcus for dinner. We ate at Point Burger Bar on our way into Milwaukee and their way out of Milwaukee! It’s always so fun to see these ones!

After we got to Milwaukee, we headed straight to the hotel to check in and unload our car before walking down to Rock Bottom Brewery to meet up with my family! I love any time I get with this side since I don’t get to see them very often!

We hit up another bar after the Welcome Dinner was officially done and then walked back to the hotel for some rest!

Sunday was wedding day for my Cousin and his now-wife! Logan and I slept in just a little bit for once (until 7:30 at least!) and took our time getting ready.  We stayed at the Courtyard Downtown Milwaukee and it’s the perfect location because we were able to walk basically anywhere!  Once we were ready, we walked down to Build a Breakfast, Build a Burger for some breakfast. I had to stop for a PSL on our way back of course!! Clearly, the hubs wasn’t pleased on that one! Ha! 

 After we got back to the hotel, I headed on up to my Aunt’s room to help them all get ready with some hair and makeup!  I hung there until my Sister got into town (the hubs was doing homework in our room) so I could help her get ready for the night! Random note; I just started using Senegence (the umbrella company over Lipsense) for my make up recently and I’m in love! I used it on my sister and it definitely gave her a glowing factor as well! The best part about it (besides the great coverage and versatility of the products) is there are skin and anti-aging components in the make up products! Also, it has a shield to protect your skin from the sun – double win for me!

Moving on… πŸ™‚ After we were basically ready, we had a little conundrum.. Logan asked where his black dress shoes were since he was in a suit and I replied with “aren’t they in your bag?” and his response… “Why would they be in my bag? I left them at your sister’s house by the front door.. didn’t you grab them?!” Umm nope, I didn’t grab them! Thankfully he had a pair of black GOLF shoes in the car.. yep, that’s what he had to wear all night – golf cleats on the dance floor and to the wedding! Never a dull moment.. The ceremony at the church was so beautiful (as if I expected any less) and their vows were the sweetest things.  My cousin is a bit older and we never expected him to get married truthfully – but after he met Joanna, we were all SOOO glad they chose each other.  She’s seriously AMAZING and you might remember her from our bridal lunch I shared a few weeks ago! 

 After the ceremony, we headed to the Milwaukee Brat house for a few drinks while the wedding party did pictures. The reception was at the Women’s Center downtown Milwaukee and seriously…. it’s ridiculously gorgeous and elegant!  I’ll let the pictures do the talking πŸ™‚ The handsome guy in the middle is my cousin, the groom! πŸ™‚Love my other cousin’s wife – wish they lived closer (they’re in NY) so we could see them more! The food was great, the drinks were great, the cake… and best of all, the couple is GREAT!My aunt and mother of the groom πŸ™‚ She’s so special to me for so many reasons!  My other not-so-little cousin above πŸ™‚ We realized that night that there’s only 4 of us girl cousins (not counting the girls married in!) on my dads side! They had a live band so we all danced our little hearts out (when the right songs came on ;)) Thanks to Jason and Joanna for being such great hosts and including all of us in your wedding day! It truly was so beautiful and I just can’t wait to see what the future holds for them – and their wedding pictures, of course!

It’s always so hard leaving after a good weekend with my family since I don’t see them very often but it sure left me with a full heart πŸ™‚


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