Life lately + Lilly Sale!

Happy Thursday!

I can’t believe how quickly this week is flying by! I thought I’d share some life lately since it’s been a while- mixed with some Lilly Pulitzer sale purchases!

We had dinner with the Johnsons last week and it’s always so good to see them! Elaine is due next week so we’re hoping the next time we see them will be with their little baby in their arms (or my arms, whichever ;))! Ps: doesn’t she look amazing?!

I finally got my butt out onto the golf course since I hadn’t been since Memorial Day! Can you believe that?! These busy weekends are getting in the way of my other activities! It was so fun to finally walk the course (and attempt to play since I’m not the best) and catch up!

I got a nice catch up session with Michael, my hair stylist and he covered up those gray hairs! I’ve been getting gray hairs for so many years and sometimes going every 8 weeks for color just isn’t enough! 

Now, let’s chat the Lilly sale.. I was so happy to hear things that y’all were able to scoop up 🙂 I thought I’d share a few things I purchased and can’t wait to get!! 

I purchased this dress and am so excited to give it a try! My SIL has the same one (in another print) and it’s super cute on her so hoping it’s the same for me! 

These tops were just too cute and such a good price!

How cute is this print?! 

And even though this next one is more plain than screaming Lilly – I’m really excited to wear this one in the fall with some riding boots and a scarf 🙂

I did get a few Christmas presents too which is always nice to cross off the list! 

What were you able to get? I thought it was a lot smoother this year – I mean it took 3 hours to get in but once I was in – it was nice that everything wasn’t gone! 

Hope you are having a great Thursday! 


7 thoughts on “Life lately + Lilly Sale!

  1. Rebecca says:

    I hear you with the gray hair! I discovered I had them after 10+ years of highlighting when I went to the “ombre” look a couple of years ago. Goodness, when did that happen!?

    Way to go on the sale purchases and Christmas gifts…I like where your mind is at. =)))

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  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady says:

    Yeah for the Lilly sale! I agree- the system didn’t crash as much or as long this time. I snagged a few Christmas gifts for my mom- popovers and leggings for my girls and then I got a couple of dresses and popovers as well as a sweater and coverup- so excited for everything to come in!! 🙂

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