Weekend Whereabouts!

This weekend flew by in the blink of an eye!  My in-laws were in town for the State Fair (they visit every year for it) and it’s always such a fun time!  Let’s recap how it all went down….

We headed to the Fair on Friday afternoon (via park n ride – we were a little smarter this time!).


Once there, we headed straight for, what you ask?! Umm food!!


Our first food of choice was Chicken IN a Waffle.. and I have to say, it was really good!


Holly’s Hobby Christmas Shoppe is my favorite every year!!

We definitely ate our way through the fair as I’m sure you couldn’t tell or anything 😉


And of course we needed shaved ice!!


And Martha’s Cookies are thebomb.com… they’re always a favorite of ours!


Chocolate covered bacon on a stick is a repeat place for those two!


We stopped briefly to watch Cambree do some pull ups at the Navy station! She kicked butt and almost beat out the first place girl… so awesome!


We continued eating and enjoyed some mini corn dogs…


and this fun N/A Pina Colada!

My favorites were pork chops on a stick (not pictured) and roasted corn!


We had to take a picture to show how well our Lipsense was staying on 🙂


After the Fair, we hung out around the house and grilled out.  We had an appt the next morning so we were off to bed pretty early!

Logan stopped by Glam Doll Donuts in the AM and we all enjoyed some pretty good treats!

Late Saturday afternoon, we headed to play a little Bingo and guess what?! No one won 😦 But someone at the table next to us did win $1200!  Isn’t that crazy?! Oh how I wish that could have been me 🙂


After Bingo, we headed home to relax again (the weather all weekend was so terrible!) and to smoke some chicken!


Just sharing a little Lipsense picture 🙂 So glad they all fell in love with the product as much as me!

And that’s where my pictures end… surprise surprise! Ha! We visited and watched the Packers preseason game along with the Fight.  Did you watch that?! I NEVER watch any of those things but tuned in for it to see what the hype was about.

Sunday, we cleaned up the basement; ie, went through and threw out SO much stuff and let’s just say our donation pile is huge!  Our siding was finished on Friday so we were able to use the dumpster until they pick it up today!

I’ll share some before and after pictures of our house on Friday 🙂

What did you do this past weekend?! Can you believe it’s already Labor Day weekend in just a few days?!


7 thoughts on “Weekend Whereabouts!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Gosh those fair treats look delicious! I’ve never tried the chicken & waffle thing but hear it’s good. I just haven’t wrapped my head around it despite it being so prevalent in the south. I’d try it in that waffle cone though. =)

    You had me a Christmas…it would be my favorite too!


  2. richardson4lisa says:

    The MN State Fair is the biggest one I’ve been too. And talk about a sea of people. Holy moly. I’m pretty sure the food is the best reason to go to any fair. YUM!


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