Weekend Wednesday!

This past weekend sure felt like fall was already on it’s way!  I couldn’t believe how chilly (mid 50’s) and rainy it was the whole time! Logan was away at a bachelor party so my Mama came up for the weekend to lay low with me!

 After chatting for a bit when she got here on Friday, we headed off to a movie!

We saw Rough Night and it was surprisingly pretty funny!! My Mama hadn’t been to a theater with the reclining seats yet so she was shocked to see how comfy they were! 

Saturday morning, I dropped my Mama off at some fun shops and headed to get my hair done!

After that, we headed to Winehaven winery for some wine and chilly weather!

And of course, we matched in our Lilly! 

How cute is my Mama?

After the winery, we headed back home to relax a little with the pups before heading out to shop a bit!

And of course we had some queso and margaritas for dinner!

After dinner, we rented and watched The Shack and oh my… when I saw the previews in the theater I was crying (literally – didn’t even know what was going on in the movie!) and after watching the movie, it was like the flood gates opened! It has such an inspiring and amazing message! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s having a hard time with something or needs a little reminder that God is good and loves us through everything! 

She headed home Sunday morning and Logan got home mid-afternoon. It was a quick weekend but was just what I needed!

Did you do anything fun this weekend??


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