Show & Tell Tuesday – Home Tour!

Happy Tuesday!

Today I’m linking up to do one of my favorite things… see inside other people’s homes!  When I was younger (and let’s be real, I still do!) I used to wonder what people’s homes looked like on the inside when I’d drive through random neighborhoods.  I’d wonder what their decorations were or how it was set up… and if they had my dream kitchen?!


Today, I’m linking up with Andrea to share our home tour!  I shared our fall home tour here and our Christmas home tour here in case you want to check those out 😉

I’m only sharing a little peek into our home but there’s been a few updates (decor wise) that I’m excited to share!

This is what our front steps currently look like… Clash much?!

This is the sign normally on our door 🙂 Isn’t this the cutest door hanger?!

This is the look down from our stairs – I recently added the bench with the hanger and wreath! I’m waiting for Logan to hang a sign above the Magnolia wreath 🙂 Hopefully that will happen soon enough!
I also switched out our dark espresso frames for these white ones! It looks so much brighter in our house with all these whites!

Another thing that’s new – I painted the espresso colored wine cabinet white to brighten up the space a bit!  You can see the old spaces above in the other home tours!

They certainly aren’t professional pictures, I’ll work on that one for the fall tour! And real life – our house isn’t always super clean so you can see how we really live 🙂

If you want a glimpse into other people’s homes (without being a creeper), check out the link up here!

See you back here tomorrow (for real this time!) and I’m sharing my Weekend Wednesday!


13 thoughts on “Show & Tell Tuesday – Home Tour!

  1. Mackensey says:

    Once someone commented that they could tell I have a ‘Minnesota house’..and I didn’t really get it. But the second I looked at these photos they felt kind of like home 😉 I just love your decorated porch throughout the fun!


  2. benandeleniecounts says:

    Oh, I love all the bright colors! Your front porch is so fun and inviting. I need to brave up and dip into some color in our home. Such a cozy home, thanks for sharing!


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