Try it on Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! 

The Mr and I had such a fun (and busy) weekend in Oshkosh with my inlaws that it’s hard to be back home and back to work! I’ll be recapping our weekend later this week and SPOILER ALERT: it includes a ton of pictures! As if that’s a shocker I’m sure… 😉

While in Oshkosh this weekend, I stopped by Gap Outlet and seriously.. I wanted so much stuff! I thought I’d share what I tried and what worked (or didn’t) for me since the sale has continued this week!


This dress was so cute! I loved the pink and the fit. It’s perfect to just throw on for errands or drinks with the girls!


This was not a win for me! I wanted to like it so much (it’s off the shoulder, striped and has pockets!) but there was no shape to it and I felt like I was wearing a sack! 


I loved this dress for 4th of July (it was $7 in store!) but I definitely needed a size up and unfortunately, they didn’t have one! Otherwise, I would have been all over it 😊


I scooped this dress up as it’s perfect for a day in the office or for a morning at the Farmers Market! Bonus… it was $10 in store!


I didn’t know if I loved this dress on the hanger.. the colors were totally on but the shape made me a little hesitant! One try on session later and I knew I needed to bring this home with me! 


I was torn on this jumper.. these have some potential for such a cute summer outfit! Add a hat and you’re set- so easy! I just didn’t think it worked well with my shape though or maybe I’m not used to jumpers yet?! If you wear these, you need this one though!


I’m usually not a big maxi girl because I can’t find ones that are short enough for me but this one definitely fit the bill!


This top (exact sold out online, similar) would be perfect for an office or even for a happy hour! 


How cute is this top?! You know I love anything pineapple and this top is super soft! 

Right now, Gap Factory is offering free shipping on all orders with no minimum – just use code GFSHOP! Or you can save 10% off your entire purchase with GF10!

Do you have an outlet by you?! The deals always seem to be so much better in store! I love stopping in there when we’re in town since it’s 7 minutes up the road! Also, how do we feel about those jumpers?! Are they a yes in your book or an eh, leave it at the store?!


13 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday!

  1. Every Piece Fits // Rebecca says:

    Oh my yes, all of these are so cute! I am dying to shop and the addiction is real. 8 days left of my no shopping fast. I’m glad you scored some great finds and that boat dress…WAY cute! I struggle with rompers/jumpers because of my height. They never seem to work for me, but I tend to love them on everyone else. Thanks for sharing! I’ll keep my eye on Gap Factory when I can shop again. =)))

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