So, the hubs and I are getting ready for our 4th annual crawfish boil and barbecue this summer and we’re seriously so excited!  We have done this the past four years and even got engaged at our first one – you can see a few pictures of that here !  We usually do a FB invite, which is super nice since people get it right away and can RSVP easily BUT this year, we want to send out snail mail invites!

I feel like we rarely get exciting things in the mail so clearly no one else does, right?! 😉 So I’m setting out to send some happy mail to some friends!

Here’s my question…. where do you go for cheaper/nice invites?! Since these aren’t wedding invites or an engagement invitation, we don’t need them to be SUPER nice but of course I’d love some color and for them to be sturdier.

Here’s a few I think I like….

Also, I’ve never ordered invites from Etsy that you download and print.. so let’s chat about that. Is that your go-to?! I really like to have them printed and sent to me but if that’s the best option then holla at me! ha!

I know I’ve mentioned it before but this is our FAVORITE party to have!  It’s relaxed, low key, there’s games and some beverages! Oh yeah and those Louisiana crawfish are oh so yummy!

But first, I need invites because we need to get them out (the party is in August!)!!

Thank you in advance for your suggestions! Also, let me know if you want more details for our party while I’m planning it 🙂


10 thoughts on “Invitations!

  1. Bailey Bryant says:

    I use the Etsy download & print option! Once I get it downloaded, I send it to the Wal Mart or Walgreens photo center and have them print them off as 5×7. I’m fanatical about straight lines and don’t have a lot of extra time to cut out 20 or so invites, so this is easiest for me!

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    • happilyevergriedls says:

      Thanks Bailey! I just ordered one from Etsy with your idea and I’m hoping I can print it at Walmart! Do you just upload it under photos and order?! I can’t cut straight lines either so that would be wonderful 🙂


  2. saltcreekwife says:

    I love using the Etsy downloads and then printing on Vistaprint! They are SUPER inexpensive, especially if you print them as postcards (they don’t have to look like postcards, and they still send you envelopes!). I love the first invite!

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