Whereabouts Thursday- Charleston Edition

Hi all! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA… I intended on posting yesterday for my birthday but clearly that didn’t happen! So instead, I’m posting tonight which is so odd for me but…

I’m so excited to finally be sharing the rest of our trip to Charleston today!

Saturday morning, we headed about a half hour south over to Folly Beach! I’m so used to the Gulf and Destin beaches so being on the Atlantic side was a little different but I’m happy with any beach and ocean, let’s be real! 😍

Logan is not a good “beach goer” in that he can sit on the beach for about 25 minutes before being completely restless! He’d much rather have a friend to throw a football with, play volleyball with or do just about anything besides sit on the beach with! I, on the other hand, love to just relax with a good book! Anyone up for a “couple” trip?! 😂After about an hour, we headed down to the Pier for a few drinks and to watch some of the fishermen!  My favorite part you ask, besides the sand and beach? Umm the Key Lime-colada! Seriously so good!!We spent quite a few hours in Folly Beach and it was such a perfect day and beautiful weather! #givemeallthehumidityandheatWe headed back to the hotel to shower and freshen up before heading to Tavern & Table in Mount Pleasant for drinks and shrimp!

It was so pretty and the best weather! The shrimp was so scrumptious (seriously recommend!) and the sangria didn’t disappoint either!

We headed on over to Redds Bar (right next door) for another drink before heading out of Mount Pleasant!One of the top things on my “must do” list was visiting Rainbow Row! I could seriously live in any of these homes! 

I tried to talk the Mr into letting me paint our house pink when we got home but he just laughed. #imserious I’ve been wanting window boxes since we bought our house 3+ years ago, so I thought I’d give it a try again… but I haven’t had luck with that either 😭 #oneday #maybewhenhesatwork 😂We headed back to North Charleston for dinner and had the best Mexican food at La Hacienda! It was pretty late by this time, so we headed back to the hotel for the night!

Sunday morning we got up right and early so the Mr could finally golf!! He golf clubs finally arrived to the hotel later on Saturday (only 2 days late 🙄) so he could finally golf Sunday!We headed to Kiawah Island so he could golf the Ocean Course! It’s one of the PGA courses and they’ve had quite a few competitions there; the Ryder Cup and they’re hosting the PGA championship in 2021.The course was gorgeous and being along the ocean didn’t hurt either!You have to walk the course in the morning (no carts allowed) and it’s highly recommended you use a caddy! I think Logan really felt like Rickie Fowler with him 😉 I walked along (he was matched up with 3 other guys) and had such a blast! Unfortunately when I applied my sunscreen, I forgot the back of my knees and a little down my back legs (who does that??) and also the back of my shoulder/back area so I was hurting pretty badly after the 18 holes!! I was so disappointed in myself since I KNOW better – next time, I’ll apply 50 spf as well! 😊

We headed to the little shops after golf and hit up the smallest Lilly Pulitzer shop I’ve ever seen! After the shops, we headed back to the hotel to relax a little bit before eventually getting dinner! After being so sunburned, I had no desire to eat anything (I’m never hungry when I get sunburned) and I didn’t want to be seen in public! The back of my knees were THAT bad (and painful to bend my legs)! 

After relaxing a bit and applying lots of aloe, we headed out to another Mexican restaurant! Yes, you read that right.. we’re in Charleston and we went to another little Mexican restaurant! Ha! My dream!

Our flight was later in the evening that day, so we took our time getting packed up Monday morning before heading back towards Atlanta! It was rainy out all day (no golf for Logan) so we didn’t know what we’d do once we got to Atlanta!

We stopped in Augusta on the way for lunch and I’d never heard of PDQ but their chicken strips were legit! So good!After finally getting to Atlanta, we decided to head to the World of Coke to waste some time before our flight!

Of course, this is my favorite exhibit- Santa Coke ads 😍😍 I mean.. can it be Christmas season tomorrow?!?!

We decided had we gone it again, we’d get up early and go to the Aquarium all day instead! But we thought we’d give this museum a try since we only had a few hours to waste! While at the museum, we got the notification of ANOTHER delayed flight! #comeonsouthwestThankfully it was dark in there because my sunburn was for real! 😭 

Unfortunately, while at there, our flight was delayed AGAIN! We finally made it home around 1:30 am and to bed by 2:30 with the pups

After spending about an hour and a half there, we headed to the airport to wait for our flight! We stopped by my husband’s favorite, Schlotzskys and got a quick sandwich before returning our car and checking in! 

It was a stressful and quick trip but I’m glad we got to spend time together! It’s so weird though – it doesn’t even feel like we were there a few weeks ago! 😫 

Also…. we listenedd to the podcast, S-Town to and from Atlanta and it totally helped pass the time! And was so interesting and weird… have any of y’all listened to that?!

Anyways, I’ve rambled on enough for tonight so I’ll see y’all back here tomorrow for some Friday Favorites! 😍


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