Weekend Whereabouts

Monday is here and guess what?! I’m totally OK with it this week! We have a short week before we jet off to Charleston for a fun (relaxing) filled weekend!

We had a busy weekend but I’m trying to remember that these are the real moments we’ll remember forever – or at least that we can look back on when we type in happily ever griedls into Google! 😉

Friday night, we had our good friends, Jeff and Jess over for some smoked pulled pork, smoked chicken and smoked corn!  It was all so good!


We also tried our hand at making some blended (and regular) mojitos!

They actually came over so we could book our Airbnb for Portugal in September! One more thing checked off the list… and i’m sure it’ll be here before we know it!

Saturday was such a beautiful day! Summer decided to come out a little early for a few days!

It was a perfect day for pedicures, shopping and Starbucks s’more cookies!

Real life… if you haven’t tried the s’more cookies from Starbucks then you are missing out!  They warm it up a little bit and oh my.. it’s heavenly!

After a full day, we headed out to my sweet friend, Katie’s wedding!

Isn’t she beautiful?!  She had the perfect day too, sunny and 83!
I asked a few weeks ago, how we all felt about this dress below.. and it was 50/50 in that I should keep it for the wedding or send back..

Well, I didn’t listen as well to everyone and kept it… Unfortunately, I was so disappointed! A) It wasn’t as flattering as I thought B) The bra situation was funky and C) I just felt blah in it! I’ll definitely be listening more intently on those responses in the near future!  Not to mention, it was a little hot for the weather!

Such a beautiful head tablescape!

So you know how 3 weeks ago, I mentioned I met a few girls at Katie’s bachelorette party that I thought would be lifelong friends?!

Well this girl is totally one of them!

We met her husband that night and we were so happy that he and Logan got along so well too!  I see many date nights and travel with them in the near future 🙂
The sweet MARRIED couple! 🙂
We danced the night away and had so much fun! We can’t wait for the next date night!

Sunday was Mother’s Day (duh!) and we had an impromptu BBQ with some of my family!

We didn’t get to see my MIL for Mother’s Day but will definitely be celebrating her the next time we’re all together! 🙂

Hope your weekend was fabulous and you’re ready to rock this week!


16 thoughts on “Weekend Whereabouts

    • happilyevergriedls says:

      Yes, totally felt that way! And the bra sitch wasn’t fun either! haha! I am so excited for my trip – I haven’t been on vacation in a year!! I need to get on the same page as you and take more of them!


  1. Lindsays Sweet World (@lindsaylou24) says:

    Um, that mojito looks AMAZING! So good!

    And girl, I totally just realized who you remind me of. I’ve been thinking about it for months now thinking you look so familiar, and I finally realized, it’s Mandy Moore!! You look like her so much… mostly in pictures that you take at kind of an angle and not straight on. And I just love her!

    Liked by 1 person

    • happilyevergriedls says:

      That is so funny – I have had so many people say that about Mandy Moore!! I’ll take it as a compliment 🙂 Isn’t it crazy how similar some people look?! Now I need to think of your doppleganger!!


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