Friday Frustrations

Happy Friday!!

I haven’t posted all week and now I’m here, not to share my favorites but actually some frustrations from the last week!  Who do I think I am, right?! 🙂 I just needed a mini vent session and thought some of y’all could relate!

So if not, I’m sorry you had to read this but if so, let me know I’m not alone! Now onto the week…

Meme breakdown

Not quite this bad this week (at all), but sometimes – the struggle is real!

  • Traffic… can we just talk about that for more than 2 minutes?! A) How is there ALWAYS traffic and B) Why is there never a reason?!  Like for example… I only go into the office 2 days a week and every time I’m in there, I think “I should come in more! I enjoy being in here!” and then I literally take one turn to get on the highway (3 feet from my parking lot) and immediately remember why I don’t… TRAFFIC! NO matter how early I leave work, it’s always there and some people are just ridiculous!  There’s no construction going on anymore on my way home, no accidents and clearly NO reason for traffic, yet it’s always there.  It seriously, makes or breaks my day on the way to work and then immediately breaks it again on my way home from work 😦 Anyone else?!

So much yes!

  • Starbucks.. Ok, this is a #firstworldproblem (as if the traffic issue isn’t!) BUT Starbucks just started this online ordering (or at least I just learned of it so it probably started like 3 years ago) where you can order ahead, pay and basically just run in and grab your order.  Sounds amazing, right?! I think so… especially after I’ve been sitting in traffic to get INTO the office those two days (only days I usually get Starbucks).  What’s the frustration right?! So, the other day, I logged into the app and searched the menu for a “skinny vanilla latte”, the most BASIC drink ever and seriously y’all…. IT’S NOT EVEN ON THERE!!!!! I can’t even reap any benefits of this so called app!! Ugh, so now I have to choose to wait for 20 minutes in the drive thru (because going in, takes forever too!) or skipping it all together… not my favorite!

Sorry for the language.. but seriously.. a tall

is not normally a small!

  • Customer Service and not just any customer service.. my not at the moment favorite.. Lilly Pulitzer.  I ordered something for my trip next week (and a little something for my Mama for Mother’s Day) and I clicked the 2 day express shipping and put in the promo code to get it free while checking out… When I got the receipt emailed to me, it said “Economy 3-6 days” umm… what?! So I immediately emailed them (per the receipt/email) and said can you check this?! And guess what…. NOTHING!! No response and instead at 10:00 last night, I get an email for my order shipment which is set to arrive NEXT Wednesday… again, what?! I contacted them again this morning, to no avail.  And honestly, I knew at that point, there was nothing they were going to do for me, but I still NEEDED them to know I was upset because I matter! ha! I finally received a response today… at 3:45 basically saying nothing except they could maybe re-order my stuff (and charge me) and try to overnight it but since it’s after 12 EST, it most likely won’t go out until tomorrow and they don’t deliver on weekends………. again, WHAT?! So frustrating when THEY didn’t contact me until way after they could even do what they were offering! Again, #firstworldproblems I totally know but sometimes it’s just frustrating.  And seriously… it’s not my first shipping error from them and they are never so sweet to correct it!
Lilly Pulitzer

I’d smile if you were sweet and actually corrected my stuff in time 🙂

I’d like to say I was going to be boycotting Lilly going forward but let’s be real… I’ll just order it from Nordstrom instead!

Sick of my rants yet?! I’m just keeping it real today… but I promise I’ll add a few happier notes at the end 🙂

Last rant….


  • I ordered this super cute pink dress for a friend’s wedding this weekend and I was so sad that it didn’t fit! I mean, for real… I had to clip the back with my hair clip (real classy, I know) just so I could show you how cute it is.  They just restocked it all, which makes me excited but they don’t carry it in our store (another frustration! You’d think Mall of America would have all the stock… but instead they have no stock!) so I can’t get it in time for the wedding. Totally not a huge fail but just a bummer!

Now, if you’re still reading this (shout out to you because #boring) then it’s the good part! Or at least the less ranting part….

  • We bought a smoker last weekend (or my husband did… and how many times can I use parenthesis?) and we used it finally and the chicken was so good!  We’re smoking some pulled pork, chicken and corn tonight for friends and can’t wait for a nice warm night!
  • We spent last weekend at my Grandma’s helping with stuff around her house/yard/garage and it was so nice to be with everyone for the day!  We also had a few cocktails so that’s fun too.Not the best picture but it’s all we got! Missing a husband who would rather take the picture… some days at least!


  • On another note, I think I sound like a lush some days on this little thing because I love me some margaritas and wine but on a real note… I rarely drink during the week unless I’m meeting some sweet friends for Happy Hour but if not, then I’m sans wine for the week!
  • On another another note… I shouldn’t have to justify myself to anyone so… skip the last phrase!

Alright… this is the longest post ever – apparently I really missed you guys! 🙂

I have some actual consistent posts coming in the near future (like next week!) so hopefully that will keep me more on track! If anyone really noticed me gone all week that is… 😂

One question before I bid you adieu.. do you like when I do fitting room finds?! I was thinking of doing a “Try on Tuesdays” on the blog and showing some of the pieces that worked for me.  It wouldn’t be every week because I’m not sure if it’s a favorite or not for you… is it?! Do you want to see pieces that are total fails too? Just a thought since I’m shopping quite often 🙂

Thanks for reading along and letting me vent! Have a great Friday and weekend!


13 thoughts on “Friday Frustrations

  1. Every Piece Fits // Rebecca says:

    You’re the cutest! Your ranting is a-ok. Traffic is the worst and I’ve been spoiled for over 7 years to live about 1 mile from work so if and when I hit traffic of any kind while driving somewhere other than work I want to pound my head against the steering wheel. There is NEVER a reason for it. People just don’t know how to merge.

    You’re not a lush! I drink just about every day…oopsie! And you never have to justify whether you do or don’t, or the amount. Amen to that!

    I like the dressing room finds! You can share a darling outfit and not have to buy it. It may be super cute, but you may not want it or need it and I get that.

    I use the SBUX app alot. You can create the skinny vanilla late easily. When you select a cafe latte and it takes you to the next screen tap on the cafe latte. Then you can add flavors, toppings, change the milk type, etc.

    Happy Friday beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful weekend with a much needed margarita. =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • happilyevergriedls says:

      Oh my gosh girl!! You just totally made my day with the Starbucks app!! I am so excited now! You’re amazing 🙂 so thank you!! Also.. I’m so jealous you’re so close to work! Definite bonus to avoid a bit of traffic! I’ll definitely be indulging in a margarita after work 😉 hopefully you’ll find one too! Happy Friday!!


  2. Holly Osborn says:

    I hear ya on the traffic girl!!! I live in fargo (FARGO!) which is 100,000 and there is ALWAYS TRAFFIC!!! And can we just talk about the stoplights in the Midwest?!! why can’t they get them on some sort of synchronized system?!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Andrea Nine says:

    You crack me up! Nothing like a good vent session and we is bloggers totally get you girl! So, I’m kind of thinking crap, because I ordered that very same pink dress but I haven’t tried it on yet. I’ll let you know what happens, ha ha! Yay for smoked chicken, my husband doesn’t even grill let alone use the smoker. Oh my gosh don’t even get me started about traffic, our entire town basically has roads blocked in every direction, drives me insane! On a lighter note, I hope you have a beautiful beautiful weekend and your man smokes some more meat, ha ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • happilyevergriedls says:

      Can’t wait to see the pink dress on you!! It’s so stinkin’ cute – just runs a little bit big! Isn’t it crazy how much road construction goes on ALL THE TIME?! I always think it ends and then they close another road! Ugh! Have a fabulous week!


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