Friday Favorites! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I can’t even believe that we’re already into the beginning of May! We have so much going on and to look forward to this month; a wedding, our trip to Charleston and of course my birthday! 😍 

Who’s ready for another edition of my Friday Favorites from the week while linking up with Erika?! I know I am! 😂


On Wednesday, I had an impromptu happy hour date with these sweet girls! It was such a nice distraction for the week and way to enjoy a patio with drinks! 


I went to a fun bachelorette dinner last weekend and can’t wait for the wedding! I loved meeting so many new girls and celebrating Katie! 


Self tanner. 

My SIL introduced me to this sunless tanner last summer and I totally loved it! I also loved the price point at $12! 

I recently tried this tanner though and totally fell in love! It’s like the Jergens but there’s no streaks and no orange color! 

I used the new self tanner in this picture and it adds the perfect amount of tan! 


My sweet friend Rebecca shared 3 ways to brighten someone’s day last Friday and I couldn’t agree more with each one! That same day, I was went Chick fil A for my favorite milkshake and the girl who brought it out to be (I was waiting inside) told me I looked really pretty! 

It was totally random and seriously MADE my day! Its not usual for me to just get random compliments so it was such a sweet surprise and made my heart so full! No joke, I snapped this to everyone I knew to let them know how great it made me feel! 


We’re headed to EC this weekend for just the day and I can’t wait to spend some time with my Mama and brother! 

We’ll be doing a ton to help my Grandma around her house the majority of the day but it’ll still be nice to visit! I’m hoping they have my favorite shaved ice truck out and ready because I’m ready for some blue raspberry! 😍 anyone else with me on that one?! 

I’ve rambled on enough and hope you have the best Cinco de Mayo! Do you celebrate or have any fun plans?! Or plans to just drink some margaritas and queso?! That may or may not be mine… 😉 


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