Favorite “Must Have” Beauty Products!

Happy Tuesday! #atleastitsnotmonday

I’ve had some questions about my “go to” make up products… which seems so funny to me since I’m clearly no make up expert but I thought I’d share a few of my favorite beauty products that I’ve deemed “must have” products!


I’ve been using it CC Cream for the past year and it’s definitely my favorite foundation!  There’s just enough coverage but it feels so light on my skin.

IT CC Cream

It also has 50 SPF which is a nice perk so you don’t have to add additional lotion over it!


I never really knew what to do with concealer growing up.. I mean, where does it go?! But after finally learning how to put it on the right way (and in the right places), it’s an absolute must have in my make up bag!

Urban Decay Concealer

This Urban Decay Naked Concealer feels totally weightless and just brights up my under-eye when I haven’t slept the best! I can’t imagine using another one after giving this one a try!


I use my Anastasia Contour Kit the majority of the time first and then use this bronzer over the top if I’m ambitious 🙂 Otherwise, I will just use this bronzer to contour and a big perk with this compact…? It comes with the perfect contour brush!Hoola Bronzer


I have a weird allergy to something in most mascara’s which makes it really hard to find the perfect one!  I mean, the allergy is so bad that in college, I used to go out with mascara on and my bags would be so bad within 2 hours that it was terrible (and painful!).  I tried so many different kinds/brands to no avail.

The fix?

This mascara! It’s hypoallergenic which helps and it makes my lashes nice and full! Also… it’s less than $10 in most stores 🙂

Physicians Formula Mascara

Of course, I use a few other products too but these are the ones that are definite “musts” in my book!

If you’re looking for some new products, give these a try!  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed 🙂 They have the travel size at Ulta by the checkout if you want to try them without spending a ton!

What are some of your must-have products? I’m always looking for some new ones to test out 🙂


9 thoughts on “Favorite “Must Have” Beauty Products!

  1. Every Piece Fits // Rebecca says:

    I loved It CC cream! I stopped using it because my skin is so super oily that the (amazing) moisturizing feel of the CC cream that most people love ends up adding to my oily complexion. But, goodness it felt great on my skin and especially rosacea.

    I feel you on the no mascara…I look dead without it. I am glad you found something that works for your allergy to it! I’ve wanted to try “dying” my lashes but I can’t imagine keeping up with that effort either. =/


    • happilyevergriedls says:

      You should give it a try if you’re looking for a new foundation 🙂 If not, then wait until you’re in need! They have a travel size by the check outs normally too which is nice to try. I just started using concealer a few years ago under my eyes especially but if you don’t need any then you’re lucky!! 🙂


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