Weekend recap!

Hi there! 

It’s always refreshing to have a 3 day weekend and to start the work week off on a Tuesday, an I right? Hope you had a relaxing weekend and spent time thinking about all of the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for this country!

Here’s a little bit of what our weekend looked like around these parts!

I went to the Farmers Market downtown Minneapolis to pick up some flowers and check out all the food! #givemeallthedonuts

I went with Gayle and it’s always helpful that she knows her way around way more than me!

Logan golfed (as if you didn’t already guess that!) and then smoked quite a bit of food! On the menu was Smoked Maple Bacon wrapped Pork Loins, smoked mac and cheese (yum!) and some smoked chicken!

We brought some of that smoked food over to our friends house for a fun night of games! We played bags, ate some great food, had drinks and had so much fun! 

Seriously such a great couple! I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of them this summer and we can’t wait! 🤗

I saw Snatched this weekend and while it wasn’t my favorite, there were some funny moments for sure! I can’t believe how great Goldie Hawn still is!

We relaxed a bit this weekend as well which was much needed after our trip! Don’t worry, I’m finally sharing the rest of our trip this week 😉

We got some projects done around the house; nothing crazy but it felt good to get those flowers planted, the fire alarms switched out and the back flood light put up!

Now to figure out exactly how I want our front steps to look for summer! Can’t wait for those flowers to bloom right up! 🌸

I wasn’t feeling the best yesterday (headache central!) but am hoping that changes throughout the day today! 

We started watching the West World on HBO and it’s pretty interesting! Have any of you watched that series? If so, what are your thoughts?! 

Tomorrow’s my birthday and I can’t believe it’s already here! It’s crazy how quickly a year flies by! And crazy to think I have one more year left in my 20s! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!


Whereabouts Thursday- Charleston Edition

Hi all! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA… I intended on posting yesterday for my birthday but clearly that didn’t happen! So instead, I’m posting tonight which is so odd for me but…

I’m so excited to finally be sharing the rest of our trip to Charleston today!

Saturday morning, we headed about a half hour south over to Folly Beach! I’m so used to the Gulf and Destin beaches so being on the Atlantic side was a little different but I’m happy with any beach and ocean, let’s be real! 😍

Logan is not a good “beach goer” in that he can sit on the beach for about 25 minutes before being completely restless! He’d much rather have a friend to throw a football with, play volleyball with or do just about anything besides sit on the beach with! I, on the other hand, love to just relax with a good book! Anyone up for a “couple” trip?! 😂After about an hour, we headed down to the Pier for a few drinks and to watch some of the fishermen!  My favorite part you ask, besides the sand and beach? Umm the Key Lime-colada! Seriously so good!!We spent quite a few hours in Folly Beach and it was such a perfect day and beautiful weather! #givemeallthehumidityandheatWe headed back to the hotel to shower and freshen up before heading to Tavern & Table in Mount Pleasant for drinks and shrimp!

It was so pretty and the best weather! The shrimp was so scrumptious (seriously recommend!) and the sangria didn’t disappoint either!

We headed on over to Redds Bar (right next door) for another drink before heading out of Mount Pleasant!One of the top things on my “must do” list was visiting Rainbow Row! I could seriously live in any of these homes! 

I tried to talk the Mr into letting me paint our house pink when we got home but he just laughed. #imserious I’ve been wanting window boxes since we bought our house 3+ years ago, so I thought I’d give it a try again… but I haven’t had luck with that either 😭 #oneday #maybewhenhesatwork 😂We headed back to North Charleston for dinner and had the best Mexican food at La Hacienda! It was pretty late by this time, so we headed back to the hotel for the night!

Sunday morning we got up right and early so the Mr could finally golf!! He golf clubs finally arrived to the hotel later on Saturday (only 2 days late 🙄) so he could finally golf Sunday!We headed to Kiawah Island so he could golf the Ocean Course! It’s one of the PGA courses and they’ve had quite a few competitions there; the Ryder Cup and they’re hosting the PGA championship in 2021.The course was gorgeous and being along the ocean didn’t hurt either!You have to walk the course in the morning (no carts allowed) and it’s highly recommended you use a caddy! I think Logan really felt like Rickie Fowler with him 😉 I walked along (he was matched up with 3 other guys) and had such a blast! Unfortunately when I applied my sunscreen, I forgot the back of my knees and a little down my back legs (who does that??) and also the back of my shoulder/back area so I was hurting pretty badly after the 18 holes!! I was so disappointed in myself since I KNOW better – next time, I’ll apply 50 spf as well! 😊

We headed to the little shops after golf and hit up the smallest Lilly Pulitzer shop I’ve ever seen! After the shops, we headed back to the hotel to relax a little bit before eventually getting dinner! After being so sunburned, I had no desire to eat anything (I’m never hungry when I get sunburned) and I didn’t want to be seen in public! The back of my knees were THAT bad (and painful to bend my legs)! 

After relaxing a bit and applying lots of aloe, we headed out to another Mexican restaurant! Yes, you read that right.. we’re in Charleston and we went to another little Mexican restaurant! Ha! My dream!

Our flight was later in the evening that day, so we took our time getting packed up Monday morning before heading back towards Atlanta! It was rainy out all day (no golf for Logan) so we didn’t know what we’d do once we got to Atlanta!

We stopped in Augusta on the way for lunch and I’d never heard of PDQ but their chicken strips were legit! So good!After finally getting to Atlanta, we decided to head to the World of Coke to waste some time before our flight!

Of course, this is my favorite exhibit- Santa Coke ads 😍😍 I mean.. can it be Christmas season tomorrow?!?!

We decided had we gone it again, we’d get up early and go to the Aquarium all day instead! But we thought we’d give this museum a try since we only had a few hours to waste! While at the museum, we got the notification of ANOTHER delayed flight! #comeonsouthwestThankfully it was dark in there because my sunburn was for real! 😭 

Unfortunately, while at there, our flight was delayed AGAIN! We finally made it home around 1:30 am and to bed by 2:30 with the pups

After spending about an hour and a half there, we headed to the airport to wait for our flight! We stopped by my husband’s favorite, Schlotzskys and got a quick sandwich before returning our car and checking in! 

It was a stressful and quick trip but I’m glad we got to spend time together! It’s so weird though – it doesn’t even feel like we were there a few weeks ago! 😫 

Also…. we listenedd to the podcast, S-Town to and from Atlanta and it totally helped pass the time! And was so interesting and weird… have any of y’all listened to that?!

Anyways, I’ve rambled on enough for tonight so I’ll see y’all back here tomorrow for some Friday Favorites! 😍


Nords Half Yearly Sale Picks

It’s that time of year for some great sales! I mean, have you seen the sales going on at Ann Taylor and Loft? I think I totally need this top and this dress.. you can never have enough gingham, right?!

I shared the first part of our trip to Charleston yesterday and have so many more pictures to post! I thought I’d interrupt my trip to  share a few of my favorite items from the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale going on right now!Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale


Calling all bride-to-bes: number five is the perfect romper for a pool/lake bachelorette party and it’s under $30!  I’ll share a picture in it over on Facebook this morning – it’s always easier when you can see things on real people (in real life) and not just models!

Are you shopping sales this weekend? If so, what are some of your picks?!


Whereabouts Wednesday – Charleston Edition!

I know I said I’d post yesterday for my “try on Tuesday” but it was a bit crazy traveling yesterday and after a few delays, we didn’t get back home until 1:30 this morning! Needless to say… I decided to forego my Tuesday post!

I’ve had a lot of requests for what we did in Charleston and so I thought I’d share the first day of our trip to South Carolina!  I say, the first day because it might be #pictureoverload and therefore, I need to put it into a few posts!

Onto our trip!

After a 4 hour flight delay and lost golf clubs, we finally arrived in Charleston 7 hours late (and at 8:30 pm)! #ThanksSouthwest

We changed and headed out for a quick bite closer to our hotel at Sesame Burgers and Beer and it did not disappoint! Also, they offered a free crab artichoke dip so that was sweet too 🙂

Ok, so Logan at least changed out of his sweatpants 🙂

Then we hit up a local brewery by the hotel for a quick drink.

I was pleasantly surprised when they had wine on the menu!

The brewery wasn’t Logan’s favorite.  He did a flight of four (out of the six they offer) and he didn’t care for any of them; which says a lot since he can usually find at least one he likes!

After the brewery, we hit the hotel for a snooze!

We were originally going to tour Boone Hall Plantation on Thursday when we got into Charleston but clearly, our plans had to change due to our flights and the lost clubs.

The lost clubs changed a lot of our plans and it was quite stressful trying to figure it all out (to say the least!) and Southwest Airlines wasn’t the easiest to deal with either!

Alas, Saturday morning we headed out for Boone Hall to tour the plantation.  I think I was most excited for this! Honestly… the drive through the “Avenue of Oaks” was one of my favorite parts!

I mean, seriously.. does it get any more gorgeous?

It was amazing to hear all about the history of this Plantation.  It’s one of the oldest working plantations and the grounds are definitely beautiful!

The Plantation is featured in a lot of movies such as The Notebook; it was Ally’s summer home in the movie! They showed us many different areas where Noah swam and the trees that were in the movie as well.
You weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the home because it’s still currently a private residence but the outside isn’t a bad view, am I right? I totally think I could get used to driving on up to our new home 😉

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were married here as well!
They had the cutest little Cafe with beer/bottles of wine and cute old fashioned coke bottles!
Also, can I just say that these Miller sandals are without a doubt my favorite pair of shoes?! I heard mixed reviews about how comfortable they were but honestly, I brought 4 pairs of shoes and only wore these! So comfortable and they go with everything! Double win! 🙂
That Avenue of Oaks sure has my heart 🙂
They also had a butterfly garden that had so many of these little guys!

There was honestly so much to do around the Plantation and so many tours and history.  We spent about 4 hours and I feel like I could have spent more time there somehow! Or maybe I just really enjoyed my views 🙂

After the Plantation, we headed to Charleston for lunch on the water!

Logan had the soft shell crab sandwich for lunch and we enjoyed these lobster and shrimp stuffed hush puppies for an app!

I tried the Charleston Sunset and usually I’m a huge fan of a fun drink but this one was a bit too “peachy” for me!
After lunch, we headed back to the hotel so we could try to deal with Southwest and figure out where the heck Logan’s clubs were! We found out they finally made it to Atlanta (Friday) but it would take about 24 hours to have them brought to our hotel…………. 24 hours.. it was just beyond ridiculous!

After doing that, we headed down to King St to check out some of the shops and to grab a drink!

We stopped by Skinny Dip per Kate’s recommendation and their Frose was so refreshing! It was incredibly busy so we didn’t get to go out on the rooftop but the rest of the store was so cute!

We stopped by a few more stores and ended up at John King Bar for  a few drinks and rounds of Connect 4!

Logan is a huge fan of Diners, Drive ins and Dives (I mean, HUGE) so we stopped by Tattoo Moose for dinner to give it a try, per Guy’s recommendation 🙂

We headed back to the hotel after a late dinner to relax and get ready for a day at the beach!

Whew, enough pictures, huh? And this was just day 1! 🙂

It was a stressful beginning to our trip due to the delayed flight (eventually our original flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues but we were fortunate enough to get on a flight on stand by) and the lost golf clubs but we tried to make the best of the time!

We had reservations for Magnolia’s (the ONE main place I wanted to go!) on Thursday night but unfortunately we had to cancel due to the delay and we couldn’t get in before we left! Big bummer!

Thanks for following along! I can’t wait to share the remainder of our trip with y’all. I’m ready for some 80 degree weather again!


Hey y’all! 

I’m still in Charleston for one more day but I’ll be back tomorrow for another edition of “try it on Tuesday” and am hoping to recap our trip (as requested!) on Wednesday!

We’re actually in Atlanta today.. so if you have any recommendations for must do, eats, see for a few hours, let me know! 😘

Hope your weekend was fabulous!


What I’m packing for our weekend getaway!

Longest blog post title ever, am I right?

I thought I’d share a few of the pieces I’m bringing with me this weekend for our little getaway to Charleston!

Can you tell I’m so darn excited for this trip?! 🙂

This romper seems to be the perfect color for the colorful town!  I always think rompers look a little silly on me but the top part helps to break it up a bit!

This next dress is probably my favorite that I’m bringing along…

when I ordered it, I thought it was more of a canvas feel but oh my, is it soft?! It runs exceptionally big so I recommend sizing down and ordering it in every color!

I need to plan better so that I could have tried the bright orange color for the trip!

I shared this next dress yesterday as I tried it on and I fell in love! It’s perfect for this weekend with either my Tory sandals or with wedges depending on what we’re doing that day!

How comfy does this romper look?! I can’t wait to wear it after some beach time!

This next dress is so stinkin’ cute! It comes in three colors and I think I might need the orange dress as well.. I’m planning to try it with a belt so it doesn’t feel so shapeless!

Well, that’s a little bit of what I’m packing for this weekend!  Don’t forget I’m bringing my DIY sunhat as well as a beach bag (even though the hubs thinks I’m totally crazy!).

I was debating sharing our time this weekend on Instastories or on Snapchat but think Instastories might win out 🙂 Do you want to follow along?!

Have a fantastic Wednesday, y’all!


Weekend Whereabouts

Monday is here and guess what?! I’m totally OK with it this week! We have a short week before we jet off to Charleston for a fun (relaxing) filled weekend!

We had a busy weekend but I’m trying to remember that these are the real moments we’ll remember forever – or at least that we can look back on when we type in happily ever griedls into Google! 😉

Friday night, we had our good friends, Jeff and Jess over for some smoked pulled pork, smoked chicken and smoked corn!  It was all so good!


We also tried our hand at making some blended (and regular) mojitos!

They actually came over so we could book our Airbnb for Portugal in September! One more thing checked off the list… and i’m sure it’ll be here before we know it!

Saturday was such a beautiful day! Summer decided to come out a little early for a few days!

It was a perfect day for pedicures, shopping and Starbucks s’more cookies!

Real life… if you haven’t tried the s’more cookies from Starbucks then you are missing out!  They warm it up a little bit and oh my.. it’s heavenly!

After a full day, we headed out to my sweet friend, Katie’s wedding!

Isn’t she beautiful?!  She had the perfect day too, sunny and 83!
I asked a few weeks ago, how we all felt about this dress below.. and it was 50/50 in that I should keep it for the wedding or send back..

Well, I didn’t listen as well to everyone and kept it… Unfortunately, I was so disappointed! A) It wasn’t as flattering as I thought B) The bra situation was funky and C) I just felt blah in it! I’ll definitely be listening more intently on those responses in the near future!  Not to mention, it was a little hot for the weather!

Such a beautiful head tablescape!

So you know how 3 weeks ago, I mentioned I met a few girls at Katie’s bachelorette party that I thought would be lifelong friends?!

Well this girl is totally one of them!

We met her husband that night and we were so happy that he and Logan got along so well too!  I see many date nights and travel with them in the near future 🙂
The sweet MARRIED couple! 🙂
We danced the night away and had so much fun! We can’t wait for the next date night!

Sunday was Mother’s Day (duh!) and we had an impromptu BBQ with some of my family!

We didn’t get to see my MIL for Mother’s Day but will definitely be celebrating her the next time we’re all together! 🙂

Hope your weekend was fabulous and you’re ready to rock this week!


Friday Frustrations

Happy Friday!!

I haven’t posted all week and now I’m here, not to share my favorites but actually some frustrations from the last week!  Who do I think I am, right?! 🙂 I just needed a mini vent session and thought some of y’all could relate!

So if not, I’m sorry you had to read this but if so, let me know I’m not alone! Now onto the week…

Meme breakdown

Not quite this bad this week (at all), but sometimes – the struggle is real!

  • Traffic… can we just talk about that for more than 2 minutes?! A) How is there ALWAYS traffic and B) Why is there never a reason?!  Like for example… I only go into the office 2 days a week and every time I’m in there, I think “I should come in more! I enjoy being in here!” and then I literally take one turn to get on the highway (3 feet from my parking lot) and immediately remember why I don’t… TRAFFIC! NO matter how early I leave work, it’s always there and some people are just ridiculous!  There’s no construction going on anymore on my way home, no accidents and clearly NO reason for traffic, yet it’s always there.  It seriously, makes or breaks my day on the way to work and then immediately breaks it again on my way home from work 😦 Anyone else?!

So much yes!

  • Starbucks.. Ok, this is a #firstworldproblem (as if the traffic issue isn’t!) BUT Starbucks just started this online ordering (or at least I just learned of it so it probably started like 3 years ago) where you can order ahead, pay and basically just run in and grab your order.  Sounds amazing, right?! I think so… especially after I’ve been sitting in traffic to get INTO the office those two days (only days I usually get Starbucks).  What’s the frustration right?! So, the other day, I logged into the app and searched the menu for a “skinny vanilla latte”, the most BASIC drink ever and seriously y’all…. IT’S NOT EVEN ON THERE!!!!! I can’t even reap any benefits of this so called app!! Ugh, so now I have to choose to wait for 20 minutes in the drive thru (because going in, takes forever too!) or skipping it all together… not my favorite!

Sorry for the language.. but seriously.. a tall

is not normally a small!

  • Customer Service and not just any customer service.. my not at the moment favorite.. Lilly Pulitzer.  I ordered something for my trip next week (and a little something for my Mama for Mother’s Day) and I clicked the 2 day express shipping and put in the promo code to get it free while checking out… When I got the receipt emailed to me, it said “Economy 3-6 days” umm… what?! So I immediately emailed them (per the receipt/email) and said can you check this?! And guess what…. NOTHING!! No response and instead at 10:00 last night, I get an email for my order shipment which is set to arrive NEXT Wednesday… again, what?! I contacted them again this morning, to no avail.  And honestly, I knew at that point, there was nothing they were going to do for me, but I still NEEDED them to know I was upset because I matter! ha! I finally received a response today… at 3:45 basically saying nothing except they could maybe re-order my stuff (and charge me) and try to overnight it but since it’s after 12 EST, it most likely won’t go out until tomorrow and they don’t deliver on weekends………. again, WHAT?! So frustrating when THEY didn’t contact me until way after they could even do what they were offering! Again, #firstworldproblems I totally know but sometimes it’s just frustrating.  And seriously… it’s not my first shipping error from them and they are never so sweet to correct it!
Lilly Pulitzer

I’d smile if you were sweet and actually corrected my stuff in time 🙂

I’d like to say I was going to be boycotting Lilly going forward but let’s be real… I’ll just order it from Nordstrom instead!

Sick of my rants yet?! I’m just keeping it real today… but I promise I’ll add a few happier notes at the end 🙂

Last rant….


  • I ordered this super cute pink dress for a friend’s wedding this weekend and I was so sad that it didn’t fit! I mean, for real… I had to clip the back with my hair clip (real classy, I know) just so I could show you how cute it is.  They just restocked it all, which makes me excited but they don’t carry it in our store (another frustration! You’d think Mall of America would have all the stock… but instead they have no stock!) so I can’t get it in time for the wedding. Totally not a huge fail but just a bummer!

Now, if you’re still reading this (shout out to you because #boring) then it’s the good part! Or at least the less ranting part….

  • We bought a smoker last weekend (or my husband did… and how many times can I use parenthesis?) and we used it finally and the chicken was so good!  We’re smoking some pulled pork, chicken and corn tonight for friends and can’t wait for a nice warm night!
  • We spent last weekend at my Grandma’s helping with stuff around her house/yard/garage and it was so nice to be with everyone for the day!  We also had a few cocktails so that’s fun too.Not the best picture but it’s all we got! Missing a husband who would rather take the picture… some days at least!


  • On another note, I think I sound like a lush some days on this little thing because I love me some margaritas and wine but on a real note… I rarely drink during the week unless I’m meeting some sweet friends for Happy Hour but if not, then I’m sans wine for the week!
  • On another another note… I shouldn’t have to justify myself to anyone so… skip the last phrase!

Alright… this is the longest post ever – apparently I really missed you guys! 🙂

I have some actual consistent posts coming in the near future (like next week!) so hopefully that will keep me more on track! If anyone really noticed me gone all week that is… 😂

One question before I bid you adieu.. do you like when I do fitting room finds?! I was thinking of doing a “Try on Tuesdays” on the blog and showing some of the pieces that worked for me.  It wouldn’t be every week because I’m not sure if it’s a favorite or not for you… is it?! Do you want to see pieces that are total fails too? Just a thought since I’m shopping quite often 🙂

Thanks for reading along and letting me vent! Have a great Friday and weekend!


Friday Favorites! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I can’t even believe that we’re already into the beginning of May! We have so much going on and to look forward to this month; a wedding, our trip to Charleston and of course my birthday! 😍 

Who’s ready for another edition of my Friday Favorites from the week while linking up with Erika?! I know I am! 😂


On Wednesday, I had an impromptu happy hour date with these sweet girls! It was such a nice distraction for the week and way to enjoy a patio with drinks! 


I went to a fun bachelorette dinner last weekend and can’t wait for the wedding! I loved meeting so many new girls and celebrating Katie! 


Self tanner. 

My SIL introduced me to this sunless tanner last summer and I totally loved it! I also loved the price point at $12! 

I recently tried this tanner though and totally fell in love! It’s like the Jergens but there’s no streaks and no orange color! 

I used the new self tanner in this picture and it adds the perfect amount of tan! 


My sweet friend Rebecca shared 3 ways to brighten someone’s day last Friday and I couldn’t agree more with each one! That same day, I was went Chick fil A for my favorite milkshake and the girl who brought it out to be (I was waiting inside) told me I looked really pretty! 

It was totally random and seriously MADE my day! Its not usual for me to just get random compliments so it was such a sweet surprise and made my heart so full! No joke, I snapped this to everyone I knew to let them know how great it made me feel! 


We’re headed to EC this weekend for just the day and I can’t wait to spend some time with my Mama and brother! 

We’ll be doing a ton to help my Grandma around her house the majority of the day but it’ll still be nice to visit! I’m hoping they have my favorite shaved ice truck out and ready because I’m ready for some blue raspberry! 😍 anyone else with me on that one?! 

I’ve rambled on enough and hope you have the best Cinco de Mayo! Do you celebrate or have any fun plans?! Or plans to just drink some margaritas and queso?! That may or may not be mine… 😉 


The BEST Margarita Recipe EVER!

Happy almost Friday!  I’m linking up with Holly over at Osborn Extravaganza for another edition of Happy Hour and today, I have the perfect recipe for you….


the BEST margarita you will ever try!

It’s no surprise to anyone around here that I love Margaritas.. I mean, I could have one every night along with queso!

I even had it last night for a quick happy hour with girlfriends! 😍

Now, if you don’t have time or the ambition, these pre-made ones are a huge favorite -I legit buy these all the time during summer for a quick drink over ice BUT if you have ambition then you need to make these ones below!

Margarita - Happily-Ever-Griedls

Have you ever heard of Paula’s Texas Spirits? It’s located in Austin, TX but you can order it online or check your local liquor store to see if it’s distributed by you!  I tried this recipe after reading all about it on the Fancy Ashley blog.  She’s the cutest thing and her drink recipes never disappoint!

If you don’t have Paula’s near you… and don’t have an interest in ordering it, you can substitute it with any comparable orange liqueur and you’re set!

Paula’s Margarita Recipe *recipe from the back of the bottle

1 oz. Premium Tequlia

1 oz. Paula’s Texas Orange (or a comparable orange liqueur)

1/2 oz. Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice

1/2 oz. Water

Add ice and shake, shake, shake!

*Recipe makes one margarita.

If you’re making these for a party ahead of time, I totally loved Ashley’s tip on using mason jars!  Again, no surprise I’m sure since I use mason jars for everything BUT she recommended pouring all the ingredients into a half pint ball jar  and cover with a lid.  You do not need to refrigerate them after putting them together.

When guests arrive, just add some ice to each mason jar, cover and shake it up!  Add a lime with a festive straw and you’re set! 🙂

I should have taken pictures while making mine but since I didn’t know if I’d like it, I skipped those. Next time, I’ll document my mixing!

So, if you’re getting ready for a fun Cinco de Mayo party, you should definitely give these a try!  And if you do, let me know how you like them!

What’s your favorite Cinco de mayo or margarita recipe?! I’m always looking for a good margarita 🙂