Weekend Whereabouts!

Can you believe we’re back to Monday already… because seriously, I can’t!  It was a fun weekend that had me craving another day!  Charleston can’t get here soon enough!! 

Friday was a relaxing evening.. it included pizza and wine with a side of TV (and puppy snuggles!)! 

The Mr was there as well after his bowling tournament! It was an early night for us after a busy work day!

Saturday, we hit the golf course after doing some spring cleaning around the house!

I’m so happy I finally got some time with the Mr! I’m not very good at golf so it’s nice he flatters me and let’s me join 😊

After golfing, we headed home for him to catch up on some homework before heading out for dinner! 

Lindsay from Lindsay’s Sweet World mentioned on Instagram that she and her sweet girl were headed to find some queso and margaritas and I just knew we needed to do the same! 

Sunday, I headed out for an Open House before getting lunch with my family!

The Mr did more homework before golfing today (imagine that!) so he was MIA at lunch! We ate at the Postmarke Grill in Hudson, WI and it never disappoints! 

And of course we needed to stop for some ice cream after because.. #duh!

The weather was just beautiful this weekend! The sun was out and it was finally warm – with barely any wind! We’re set for a cold week this week (of course) with rain and snow so we were definitely trying to soak it all in!

It was so nice to not be too crazy busy and to spend some quality time with people I love! 

Hope you had a great weekend! Did you have fun plans?! 


6 thoughts on “Weekend Whereabouts!

  1. Every Piece Fits // Rebecca says:

    Perfect weekend fun! Your hubby is working hard in school and I know that isn’t easy for either of you! It’s nice you’re both getting some enjoyable weekend fun in between his school work though. Margaritas and queso are important. πŸ˜‰


  2. hsbreton says:

    Two sure signs of Spring: 1. Lilly Every Day and 2. Hitting the golf course- looks like an awesome spring weekend- you made me want to jump into your blog post πŸ™‚


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