Weekend Whereabouts!

My oh my… how is it Monday already?! We had a fun and busy weekend that just flew by! 

We headed to Oshkosh for my BIL’s engagement party among other things and had such a fun weekend!  

Let’s recap.. because I have just a few pictures to share 🙂 

Friday, I ran some errands with my MIL and SIL while the boys golfed before heading to the annual fish fry at Logans aunts house!

It was our first time going and it didn’t disappoint! 😊 Lots of fish, cheese curd mashed potatoes, French fries and margaritas?! What more could I need?!

We also played a little flip cup and beer pong before calling it a night!  Logan’s cousin is 22 and she had a few friends joining in the games and I have to say.. I have never felt so old!! Hearing “well now we do it this way..” and “well back in your day you probably did this..” um you mean like 4 years ago?!?! 😂 

Saturday we lounged a bit before running last minute errands (yes, again!) and helping with a few apps to bring to the party!

On a random note… I hooked my cute SIL on Lilly and I just absolutely love it!! ❤️

We got ready for the party and had to snap a pic or two before heading out!

We hadn’t seen Tanner& Erika since they got engaged New Year’s Eve so it was nice to finally celebrate such a fun occasion! 
We headed to celebrate the Mr & Mrs to be and hoped for clear skies!

The party was at Erika’s parents house (thanks Tina and Mike for hosting!) and it was so nice to have everyone together! 

Wine and cheese charcuterie was the theme! 

How sweet is this set up that Erika did?! She has an eye for those cheese boards and tables- no joke!! She even had some frozen grapes for our wine 😍 

After the party, we headed home to watch the NCAA gymnastics until we all crashed! We were in bed by 10:30 which was a first for us all while we’re in town! 

Sunday morning we headed to church bright and early… or maybe it was around 9 am.. whichever 😊

And clearly my grumpy bunny 🐰 showed up 😂

I mean… could my husband be any more awkward in these pictures?!?  ðŸ˜‚ 

I swear it reminds me of Chandler Bing when I tell him to smile! 

After church, we packed up the car and made the trek back home! 

The weekends back in Oshkosh always go so quick but our hearts sure are full! 


13 thoughts on “Weekend Whereabouts!

  1. Every Piece Fits // Rebecca says:

    I’m catching up after being out of town, and this was just what I needed on my Muesday morning (Tuesday morning that is actually my Monday). The Chandler Bing and grumpy bunny comments! Hahaha, so perfect. You look amazing in Lilly. If only I could pull off the brights and patterns. Gorgeous every time! Now, about that charcuterie board…I had a moment of wanting cheese again. Goodness it looked good! I love your weekend recaps. =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • happilyevergriedls says:

      Girl I don’t know how you go without cheese! Yum! Props to you!! I’m so glad someone enjoys the weekend recaps! Sometimes I think people think “Um who cares?!” Ha! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


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