Life lately.

I know I mentioned last Tuesday that I’d be sharing a few posts on Wednesday and Thursday but clearly that didn’t happen.. So now I have a post with a ton of pictures to share what’s been going on in our life lately!

Life lately has been a bit busy around these parts! We had my nieces in town for a few days and it was a lot of fun but also a bit exhausting!

What did we do while they were in town? Oh just a few things….

We did a little Archery! This was totally Logan’s idea and it was a lot of fun! It was a first for me but I think I caught on quick enough 🙂

We played lots of pinball games…

And lots of Life and Skipbo!

I may have needed a little bit of wine 🙂

We tried some mini golf and L beat T by 1 stroke!! Also, T got 2 hole in 1s.. what?!

The girls made some homemade brownies with Logan and loved adding the sprinkles..

#andthechocolatechips #andthebutterscotchchips

We spent a whole day at Mall of America on the rides (and I spent the day so bored watching them).

I can’t believe that not so little girl on the right is going to be 15 and driving so soon!

I mean.. so.many.rides!

Clearly they were loving those, I mean… look at my nieces face in the front right! 😂

One of my sisters bests was there with her kids (one of Trinity’s good friends/old “boyfriend”) so they were pretty excited to meet up with them a little bit!

My brother joined us for a little bit which was a nice distraction from watching/waiting by all the rides!

We ran to Coldstone and picked up some ice cream.. I mean, it’s vacation right?! #asifineedesanexcuse

We met my Brother and SIL for his birthday dinner one night!

Thankfully we had one warm day so we could take the pups for a long walk!

Can you tell who’s excited?! 😂

What else did we do.. oh yeah, watched about 5,627 movies! We watched about 2 each night, thanks Redbox! And also got to finally see Beauty & Beast!

Clearly, we were a little busy! It’s funny – the girls didn’t get along the best at times and it was definitely loud but after all is said and done, I miss those girls! The pups certainly do too 🙂

What else have we been up to?!

I had a fun girls happy hour with Cyndi & Jess and I totally think we need to make this a weekly occurrence… after their trips of course! #sojealous

And seriously… if you’re new around here, you wouldn’t know but .. chips, queso and margaritas are my favorite things in the world! #andflamingos #andpineapples #ohyeahandlilly

My first round of golf this year is in the books and it was such a nice day! I loved spending the whole day with the Mr since I hadn’t seen him much with school and having the girls in town a bit!

Also… I need to figure out how to make myself look like this filter in real life.. I mean… besides the ears and black nose part 🙂

We were just a little wind blown… 

Well, there you have it! Life lately around here is never a dull moment 😉

I’m sharing my March book review tomorrow (for real this time!) so make sure to check on back for that one! Hint: They were mainly all hits so if you’re looking for suggestions, tune in!



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    • happilyevergriedls says:

      Thanks girl!! Seriously.. I had it colored recently and he added caramel or something like that to the bottoms of my hair and No ONE noticed! Which I get it, it looks the same but for what hair costs these days, I always want people to notice 🙂 long response for my simple thank you 🙂 I always love your highlights!


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