Friday Favorites! 

Happy Friday!!

It’s been a long week; mostly because of the sun, rain, cold, snow all in one week! I’m happy it’s almost weekend time and I’m ready for a fun/relaxing weekend! This is a short and sweet post today sharing some favorites with Erika!



These fun, floppy sun hats!


However, I don’t like the price point of $65 for a hat so… what did I decide to do?!

Well, DIY my own for less than $10 of course!


Still drying in this picture… all that white will be clear shortly 🙂

I’ll take a few pictures to show it on this weekend (I’ll share Monday!) but I thought it turned out pretty good 🙂 I’m actually thinking of making these (with all different sayings) for a bachelorette party this summer as favors.  What are your thoughts?!



We don’t have a ton of plans, which I’m all for, but I will be hitting up a movie tonight with this girl.


I love going to movies (mainly…popcorn.) but the Mr is not a fan so I’m excited to go any chance I can get!

Also… I can’t wait to celebrate this sweet girl tomorrow for her bachelorette party!



I stopped by Chick-fil-A the other day and totally forgot how much I love their milkshakes.. I mean, seriously… so so good!

I also scored some great deals on Easter decorations finally for next year! I always forget to go out after the  holidays but apparently waiting this long to check them out, paid off!


I ordered this dress for a wedding we have next month and I can’t decide if it’s a favorite or not…
I love the style but I can’t decide how I feel about it on me.. what do you think? Yay or nay?

Well, that’s all folks! Short and sweet, baby!

What are some of your favorites this week?!

Have a fabulous weekend! 🙂



Show & Tell Tuesday – Party Edition!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!


Today, I’m linking up with Andrea for another edition of Show & Tell Tuesday – we’re sharing our favorite grown-up parties!

We don’t have parties too often but the ones we have are a blast!

For the past 3 years, we’ve held an annual crawfish boil… the first year, involved this…

Engagement Shrimp Boil

And unfortunately, after that it just involved crawfish, shrimp, corn (etc) and some lawn games! Ha!

Crawfish Boil

Crawfish boils aren’t quite a “thing” in Minnesota so it’s always something people love attending!


My other favorite party is my Cookie Exchange party that I held this last December!


I mean… what’s more fun than pajamas, cookies and Christmas games?!


Nothing in my book…. as long as it’s with these fun girls!


Throw in a fun photo booth and you’ve got yourself a party 🙂


I’m hoping to turn this into an annual party!

What are some of your favorite grown up parties?!

I’m thinking of throwing a fun “favorite things” party this summer and I just can’t wait!


Weekend Whereabouts!

Can you believe we’re back to Monday already… because seriously, I can’t!  It was a fun weekend that had me craving another day!  Charleston can’t get here soon enough!! 

Friday was a relaxing evening.. it included pizza and wine with a side of TV (and puppy snuggles!)! 

The Mr was there as well after his bowling tournament! It was an early night for us after a busy work day!

Saturday, we hit the golf course after doing some spring cleaning around the house!

I’m so happy I finally got some time with the Mr! I’m not very good at golf so it’s nice he flatters me and let’s me join 😊

After golfing, we headed home for him to catch up on some homework before heading out for dinner! 

Lindsay from Lindsay’s Sweet World mentioned on Instagram that she and her sweet girl were headed to find some queso and margaritas and I just knew we needed to do the same! 

Sunday, I headed out for an Open House before getting lunch with my family!

The Mr did more homework before golfing today (imagine that!) so he was MIA at lunch! We ate at the Postmarke Grill in Hudson, WI and it never disappoints! 

And of course we needed to stop for some ice cream after because.. #duh!

The weather was just beautiful this weekend! The sun was out and it was finally warm – with barely any wind! We’re set for a cold week this week (of course) with rain and snow so we were definitely trying to soak it all in!

It was so nice to not be too crazy busy and to spend some quality time with people I love! 

Hope you had a great weekend! Did you have fun plans?! 


Friday Favorites! 

Hello and Happy Friday!! I am beyond ecstatic it’s finally the weekend and am so ready for a whole weekend of relaxation! 🙂

Our plans are pretty minimal this weekend and I absolutely love that! But for  now… let’s recap a few of my favorites from the last week!



I went to a fun “girls night” event at the Round Barn by us!  I’d never been but it was such a cute venue and the spring decor was so sweet!

I learned they have this open for fall and Christmas too… so guess where I’ll be when the time comes?!

It was pouring cats and dogs raining so unfortunately you can’t see how pretty the location really was! I went with Gayle and it’s always so fun to catch up! …the shopping and pomegranate rum drinks didn’t hurt either 😉


It was the 75% off sale for Draper James this past week and because Reese Witherspoon and I are best friends, I thought I should seriously support her brand 🙂 Ha!

I literally told Logan that I miss watching Sweet Home Alabama last week… (my favorite movie) and he thought I was crazy 🙂

I ordered this fun swimsuit cover-up! I had no idea how it would fit/not fit so I ordered the only size left and hoped for the best!

Don’t mind the white legs and dirty mirror 😉

I can’t get over the tassels and the lemons! Totally up my alley and I can’t wait to wear it during our trip to the beach in Charleston next month!

I also picked up this cute tote.. I mean… how could I not?!


We visited my in-laws last weekend to celebrate Tanner & Erika’s engagement and it was so much fun! We always have a good time when we’re all together 🙂

We hadn’t been back to town since Christmas so it was nice to celebrate the newlyweds 🙂


It was a quick trip (as they usually are) and every time we leave there, I’m always thinking of the next time we’ll be back in town!


Umm… I totally need this suitcase for next month, right?!


I got this cooler from my Mama last month after she went to FL and I’m obsessed.

I seriously can’t wait to use it!


In case you didn’t pick up on any of my posts this week… or this subtle post 😉 We are headed to Charleston and Savannah next month and I am SOOOOOO excited!!!

Boone Hall Plantation

Thank you to everyone who has given me suggestions for our trip… I’ve literally written them all down to do!

I need all the suggestions for my trip that I can get so if you have some (or more), keep them coming!!

On another note: I feel like I should say smiley faces are my favorite thing after reading this post! haha! I’ll try to tone it down next week!

Have a fabulous weekend!


What I wore Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day! I think I’m finally on the mend of this cold/sinus junk and I’m hoping it keeps getting better.. I guess at least I should be better by the weekend, right?!

Anyway… I’m linking up with Pleated Poppy to share a little bit of what I’ve been wearing lately!

I thought I’d round up some of my recent outfits since I’ve had a few questions on them! Of course, the majority is Lilly Pulitzer (I just LOVE the colors!) and Nordstrom but I’m sure you guessed that already!

I seriously love Elsa tops! I seriously can’t get enough of them for work or play! 

I bought this top from Apricot Lane and it’s so soft and perfect! I think I’ll be stocking up on these since they’re only $20! 

Love this top and jacket! It reminds me more of fall than spring but with the weather we’ve had, I’ve been feeling more fall than spring!

It’s so hard to tell on the website if the colors will be vibrant or more subdued but this top is way brighter in person and I don’t hate it 🙂 I wore this to a Skype baby shower I attended a few weeks ago!

This was the first Lilly popover I tried and it definitely won’t be my last! It’s just so comfy and the length makes it more flattering than just a normal sweatshirt.

This dress was totally questionable before I purchased it! It’s a girls XL and I had no idea if it would fit or not?! Turns out, it’s super cute 🙂 and it wasn’t too incredibly short! 
I was really excited to try this tunic! I mean, look at all those colors?! It was perfect for a little shopping trip last week! 🙂

I recently wore this for an engagement party this past weekend and it’s the best off the shoulder top ever! No joke… I’m not always a huge fan of these types of tops because they never stay down BUT that’s not the case with this one!  Thanks to the little small elastics in the arms, it holds down perfectly! If you’re looking to try one of these tops, order this one!!

I wore this dress for Easter this past weekend and it’s definitely going to be on repeat!

Clearly, I am obsessed wear my white jeans and gold wedges just a little bit 🙂 I mean, they’re perfect for spring and summer, right?!

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we’re headed to Charleston and Savannah next month for a quick trip and I absolutely cannot wait! If you’ve been, what are must sees/dos/eats, etc?!


Tuesday Talk – Charleston Edition

It’s Tuesday and Im feeling a bit worse than yesterday.. and almost have no voice whatsoever.. don’t you just love being sick?? I’m already way over it! Today, I am linking up with Ashley and Erika for an edition of Tuesday Talks!


Today, I’m talking all about Charleston and Savannah.  Well, not talking much about it but more of asking for ideas!  The hubs and I are finally heading there next month and I am just so excited!

Things I plan to visit/see/do….

I’ve always wanted to see the Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation

And Rainbow Row…

And of course visit the shops on King Street and the beach!

I’ve heard Zero George Street is a must for happy hour/drinks!  Do you agree?!

What else are must sees/do/eat, etc?

It’s going to be a quicker trip but we want to take everything in so keep the ideas coming 🙂


Weekend Whereabouts!

My oh my… how is it Monday already?! We had a fun and busy weekend that just flew by! 

We headed to Oshkosh for my BIL’s engagement party among other things and had such a fun weekend!  

Let’s recap.. because I have just a few pictures to share 🙂 

Friday, I ran some errands with my MIL and SIL while the boys golfed before heading to the annual fish fry at Logans aunts house!

It was our first time going and it didn’t disappoint! 😊 Lots of fish, cheese curd mashed potatoes, French fries and margaritas?! What more could I need?!

We also played a little flip cup and beer pong before calling it a night!  Logan’s cousin is 22 and she had a few friends joining in the games and I have to say.. I have never felt so old!! Hearing “well now we do it this way..” and “well back in your day you probably did this..” um you mean like 4 years ago?!?! 😂 

Saturday we lounged a bit before running last minute errands (yes, again!) and helping with a few apps to bring to the party!

On a random note… I hooked my cute SIL on Lilly and I just absolutely love it!! ❤️

We got ready for the party and had to snap a pic or two before heading out!

We hadn’t seen Tanner& Erika since they got engaged New Year’s Eve so it was nice to finally celebrate such a fun occasion! 
We headed to celebrate the Mr & Mrs to be and hoped for clear skies!

The party was at Erika’s parents house (thanks Tina and Mike for hosting!) and it was so nice to have everyone together! 

Wine and cheese charcuterie was the theme! 

How sweet is this set up that Erika did?! She has an eye for those cheese boards and tables- no joke!! She even had some frozen grapes for our wine 😍 

After the party, we headed home to watch the NCAA gymnastics until we all crashed! We were in bed by 10:30 which was a first for us all while we’re in town! 

Sunday morning we headed to church bright and early… or maybe it was around 9 am.. whichever 😊

And clearly my grumpy bunny 🐰 showed up 😂

I mean… could my husband be any more awkward in these pictures?!?  😂 

I swear it reminds me of Chandler Bing when I tell him to smile! 

After church, we packed up the car and made the trek back home! 

The weekends back in Oshkosh always go so quick but our hearts sure are full! 


Weekend Whereabouts! 

Happy Monday! It’s a short work week this week for me and I’m over here ecstatic!  Oh yeah, and it’s Easter and it’ll finally be time for me to eat my precious Peeps!  I gave up candy and chocolate for Lent and it’s been a lot more difficult than I thought it would be! Granted, I don’t eat candy or chocolate all the time but it’s nice to grab some if I’m at the store check out or craving something sweet and little!

Anyway, what did I do this weekend? Just a little of this and that, in no particular order!  It was relaxing and busy but so great!

I went to a bridal shower where the bride was skyped in as she couldn’t be there in attendance (she’s in FL)!


Sorry Meagan but I had to share this one 🙂

It was so fun to get together with these girls and catch up 🙂 

And chat a little bit with Lara via the TV! 
I also got happy hour with the Mr one night… fries and wine?! Yes please!

I visited the Bachman’s Spring Idea House with Jess! This is one of my favorite things to do every season! I visited the Fall house and Winter House and recapped them over here and here! If you’re in the Minneapolis area, you should definitely check it out!

If not, get ready for just a picture overload few pictures!

I could seriously move right into this little space!

I did a quick round of 9 with a girlfriend and it was so relaxing!

I can’t wait until it’s a bit more green out and sunny! 
I ran a few errands and met up with Jess for some quick shopping!

I watched a lot of Masters as well. #duh We were pulling for Rickie, of course but unfortunately his nerves must have gotten the best of him! Such a bummer!

Clearly my husbands a bit of a fan! 😂#yeshewearsthatinpublic

Well, that seems like enough pictures to keep you busy for a while 🙂 Hope your weekend was just as fun!  Oh yeah, and I can’t decide on a dress for Easter… we’ll be traveling on Easter after church but it’s always a favorite to dress up!

What are you wearing?!


Friday Favorites!


Guess what?! It’s Friday!! Which means, A) it’s time to share some favorites because I know you love reading those #duh 🙂 B) No work for two whole days (we’re so close!) and C) It’s almost time for a margarita or glass of wine 🙂

I have some fun stuff planned for the weekend; a bridal shower via Skype, the Bachman Spring House (because I can’t miss a season!), golf and a few other things so I am ready for 3:30 to roll around!

Now, let’s get into some favorites!


I had lunch with this sweet girl yesterday! She is set to get married next month and it’s going to be so much fun!  Can’t wait to celebrate her more at her bachelorette party at the end of the month!


Warm enough weather for walks at work! It’s so nice to be able to go for a quick walk around the area when I’m in the office. I really do work in such a great location – I mean, there’s paddle boats and mini golf in the spring/summer and there’s an ice skating rink in the winter.  Realistically, I don’t do either of those things but it’s a nice thought 🙂




Why yes… yes I did!

As if I even need to mention this one again… we had tacos for dinner this week #usual and there’s just something about those little things that make me all giddy!

These banana leaf pillows from Target… need I really say more?


We are celebrating Lara tonight (the girl on the far left next to me) for her bridal shower and it’s going to be a good time!  She doesn’t live in MN so we’re skyping her in the for the gift part… two firsts for me with this… 1) Skyping in the bride for the shower (brilliant idea so she can still be celebrated!) 2) Around the clock bridal shower – I’m sure many of you have heard of this but I’d never heard of it before!

Since the couple didn’t really register for many gifts, everyone is assigned a time slot and give a gift that can be used during that time period! How fun is that?!

Their wedding is in Portugal this September (Lara’s from there!) and we’re so excited to be going! I just need to send in our RSVP still… on it!

Earlier this week, I shared a fun Book Review with all the books I read in March.  If you’re looking for some inspiration and new reading materials, check it out!


I saw this recently and it totally spoke to me.  Life hasn’t always been easy and even now, it’s a challenge some days but I’ve tried my hardest to take all my past experiences and use them to make my life and myself better.

I absolutely, 100% agree with this statement. Some days I like to blame fate but in reality, it’s about how you react and deal with events.

Well, that’s all folks! 🙂 Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to read along! Hope you have a fabulous Friday and weekend!


Happy Hour – Spring Fashion


It’s that time of month again.. well,  not that time of month 😉 but it’s time to link up with Holly to share some fun (and cute) spring fashion ideas!

If you know me, then you know that I love shopping and I really love white pants and dresses.

I can’t get enough gingham, in case you didn’t notice! A few of my favorites, you ask? Definitely this top and this dress!


And how cute is this top for spring?!  I can just imagine it with white jeans (of course) and cute block sandals!

Spring Top

I can’t forget to mention Lilly Pulitzer either.. I mean, I love it any time of year but especially around spring and summer!

There’s just something about bright colors that make my day better 🙂

Tops and dresses are right up my alley!

I wore this dress for Logan’s cousin’s wedding this past summer and think it’s still perfect for spring! You can dress it up for a wedding (since it’s wedding season, after all!) or wear it with flip flops and a sweater for a more casual feel.


And can we talk about Express for a minute? I went in there the other day and seriously loved almost everything in it!

I seriously wear #allthewhitepants all spring long!

So I bought these mules (above) at Ross the other weekend and was so excited to wear them. Fast forward to now… and I can’t imagine wearing them again! I’m not sure if I just need to break them in or what but I wore them to work the other day and by the end of the day, I had 4 blisters! Don’t you just hate that?! They were supposed to be super comfortable! 😦

And guess what?! I’m wearing more white pants!

I have a wedding coming up in May and think I might be purchasing this dress for it.  Isn’t it cute?!

I also really love this dress but I’m never sure if the fit will be good on me or just boxy?!

Anthropolgie Dress

Well, I think I’ve shared enough, huh?!

What are your favorites for spring? Do you have a fun Easter dress picked out?

See you tomorrow for some Friday Favorites!