Show & Tell Tuesday – Picture edition

Hello and Happy Tuesday!  It’s been a crazy weekend and day yesterday with my nieces visiting me and I can’t wait to share that with you later this week but for now, I’m linking up with Andrea to share my top 5 (maybe 10) pictures 🙂


Keep in mind, this is going to be from college on because let’s face it.. those are the pictures I have on my computer so bear with me.. in no particular order, I should say!



I have so many pictures of my nieces and myself, it’s crazy! No joke… but I’ve always loved this one from Easter weekend so many years ago!  I can’t believe these girls are now almost 12 and 15.


From our rehearsal dinner in December 2015

 Where does the time go?!!?


One of the things we spent the most money on for our wedding happened to be one of the worst decisions we made – our photographer! So unfortunately, I don’t love very many pictures from our wedding BUT I will always be grateful to my Aunt Lynn for getting this one before we left that night 🙂


It’s absolutely one of my favorites!


The next two are from my last summer at home after college and before law school!  This was the first time Logan had been to Niceville and it was seriously the best time!  He came twice that summer (I was gone for roughly 2 months before we moved to Minneapolis together) and those two weeks will always go down as some of my favorite memories!


This is from that same summer (and one of the trips with L in town!) – it was so much fun dancing on the docks on the Harbor with my Mama in tow!



These next two are from the same weekend so that counts as one picture, right?! 🙂

This is right before the “big surprise” party for my MIL this past summer.  I just love us all dolled up and ready to go – and my MIL had no idea!


This one is from the same day but while we were setting up.  We worked hard to make sure it was a great day for my MIL and it definitely was a day to remember! 🙂



I absolutely love this picture from this past October with my family!



I know, I’m basically over my limit but I can’t decide… I love these from my wedding and will always cherish having these two in my life!


I mean, how cute are my Grandmas?


I could seriously keep posting so many pictures!  We have so many important friends and people in our lives that were left out of these pictures (we really love you ALL!) but I can’t help but smile when I see these ones! Side note: Most of these are from 2015- current… I mean, I could have shared a few more from 2010, right?! If you want to see #allthepictures just let me know! Ha!

I’ll be back tomorrow with What’s Up, Wednesday to share a little more of what we’ve been up to this month!



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