Fitting room finds! 

Happy Thursday!  I’m so ready for the weekend (per usual) and can’t believe we have just a few days left!  I’m pretty excited because my Brother is meeting me for lunch today at work and it’s always so nice when we can get together! And Chick-fil-A is a definite favorite of mine so that helps as well!

It’s no surprise that I love shopping and Lilly Pulitzer #duh so when I stopped into the Via Lilly store the other day, I knew I needed to try a few of their new prints!  Of course, the hardest part is leaving without all of them (and breaking the bank!). One thing.. I’m not the biggest fan of this store – it’s pretty dark, the dressing rooms aren’t fun at all like at Lilly and the staff isn’t the nicest! Every time I go in there, I never think LILLY! Anyways, I’ll stop my vent sesh..

And so it begins…. 🙂

I loved this Etta top! It’s so comfy and the print is incredibly vibrant! I shared it in a #realoutfitgram on Insta this past weekend and can’t stop wearing it!

I hadn’t tried one of their popovers yet but after this one, I think I’m hooked! They are so soft and comfortable!  Surprisingly, they are pretty flattering too which seems crazy for a sweatshirt?! Also… do you see the zipper has a pineapple and a tassel for it??

This top is an older print and was on sale for $21 so I thought I’d give it a try! But the xs was just a little too tight with the material so it stayed at the store!

I’m all about the Elsa tops ( I own just a few ;)) and in case you weren’t aware.. I love cold shoulders so this new top was a total love of mine after I tried it!

So cute, right?!

I own a few of these Essie dresses and they’re always favorites of mine! They’re so easy to throw on for errands or dress them up with wedges for drinks out! I’ve even worn mine to work with a cute cardigan and wedges!

I own 2 of the Marlowe dresses and thought I’d try this new print on!  I don’t always love this type of dress because of my larger chest (it’s not the most flattering!) but this print definitely brightened it up!

This was the first Bay dress I’ve tried and while I love the print I’m just not sure about the fit as much..

It has a super cute little button clasp at the back of the dress which is a sweet touch!

The last dress that I tried and fell in love with quickly was the Adira Off The Shoulder Dress! It’s seriously so cute!!  I’m not always a fan of off the shoulder for obvious reasons but this one didn’t disappoint!

That wraps up my Lilly session 🙂 I’m always looking to add more Lilly to my closet and can’t decide on which dress to pick up for spring and summer?

Are you a Lilly fan?! Which dresses are your favorite?


10 thoughts on “Fitting room finds! 

  1. hsbreton says:

    Love them all! Which ones did you pick? The only thing I dislike about shopping Lilly are the sales associates- why must they be so rude? Most of my Lilly shopping is done on line so I don’t need to deal with those snotty witches 😉 You look beautiful in Lilly!

    Liked by 1 person

    • happilyevergriedls says:

      Yesss totally agree! I don’t get it?! Although when I was in FL, they were pretty sweet! But at the one by us (not actual Lilly store) they’re just rude and act like I shouldn’t be in there.. I try to avoid there as much as possible! But sometimes it’s nice to be able to try the clothes on and then I order from the Lilly site 🙂


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