Weekend Rewind!

This weekend came and went and we’re back to a fresh week already!  It was such a great weekend, I never wanted it to end #duh #thatswhateveryonethinks

Friday, Jess and I took a few photos for the blog (she’s amazing!) and then headed to Acapulco for some margaritas and queso! And to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day of course 🙂

I attempted to make corn beef and cabbage in the crockpot but unfortunately, when the Mr gave it a try- he deemed it terrible! I’m not kidding when I say, he clearly didn’t marry me for my cooking abilities!

Saturday we headed to Eau Claire for the day for a work bowling tournament for Logan. I hung out with my Mama and Grandma and had such a fun day!

First stop after I dropped Logan off, Ross and TJ Maxx! My mama bought me the sweetest flamingo (not this one) for the front porch and I’m obsessed!

Can someone tell to me how to make this happen? Please??

After shopping, we picked up my Grandma for some lunch! Logan isn’t big on Italian (seriously…) at all so I never get pasta when we go out or make it for dinner.

So Fazoli’s won out! Love me some raviolis and breadsticks!  Side note: I promise my Grandma enjoyed herself contrary to her face in the picture! 😂 Every time we tell her to smile- she says she never smiled in pictures before and wouldn’t start now!

I picked Logan up later that afternoon and we stopped by Monk’s with my Mama and Dennis for dinner (for Logan) and apps for the rest of us before heading back to Minnesota!

Sunday, we met friends for brunch at Haute Dish in Minneapolis. If you’re in the area, it’s a must visit!  It was so nice to catch up since we haven’t seen them in so long!  We relaxed the rest of the day and got ready for the week ahead!

Hope y’all had a fabulous weekend and are ready for another week in Paradise 😘


8 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind!

  1. richardson4lisa says:

    Oh my goodness…your grandmother😂. I’m so happy you said she enjoyed herself. I guess once you get to be her age you figure why change. I can see that in a lot of older people. (hopefully I don’t become like that😜) Love that you are shopping at Ross (that’s who my husband works for😉) Hope you have a great week Kristi!!!

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