Friday Fav-Yays!

So… in case you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t posted since Monday and all that was a recap of the weekend and now my usual Friday Favs.  Real fun, Kristi, real fun… Anyway, I promise to get back to my normal schedule starting next week!  Oh yeah, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I have corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot for dinner and I can’t say I’m a huge fan of it… Do any of you make that around this time?!  Ok, let’s move on to things I DO like…



Working out… well I can’t say it’s a “favorite” BUT I’ve maintained working out for the past 11 out of 13 days!  Can you believe that?!


I certainly can’t.  I don’t intend to workout tomorrow (everyone needs a day, right?!) but I’m hoping to keep this up for at least a month… big goals, huh?! I was hoping after doing it a certain amount of time, I’d somehow just love doing it but that’s not really the case.  At least as of now.. I mean, those people who say they truly love working out?? I can’t relate. I can relate to cute workout clothes though, am I right?! I’m going to doing a post on my favorites next week 🙂


Umm obviously St. Patrick’s Day!  It’s just crazy to me that we’re already in the middle of March and next week this time, I’ll be prepping for my nieces to come visit!  I’m meeting Jess for some drinks and happy hour festivities and can’t wait!

I spent last St. Paddy’s Day with Jess as well (and Logan) and totally enjoyed my usual Margarita 🙂

A little #tbt to senior year of college and mine and Niki’s wild night out on Water St. 🙂

St Patricks Day

It is so funny to look back at pictures like this from 7 years ago on FB and see how much fun we had back then.. and how old mature we are now!


These girls.

These sweet nieces of mine asked months ago if they could come stay with us for part of their spring break and I couldn’t be more excited!! They are coming without my sister (I wish she was tagging along as well), which is a total first but I can’t wait! I love any time I get with them and love that they want to spend so much time with us!


I just finished my fourth book of the month already (who am I?!?!) and I can’t wait to share all my thoughts on the books with you at the end of the month.


This was the last book I read.. and I’m not sure how I feel about it! Total nightmare book…Have any of you read it?!?!  If you have, what did you think??


Last week, I got a much needed pedicure with Gayle and now I’m really itching for Spring!


I mean, I’m a flip flop girl at heart and I hate wearing closed toed shoes!  I will wear flats, if I must but I don’t love those because my feet get so sweaty… it’s gross. Probably TMI but honestly.. give me all the sandals and flip flops!


Survivor started a few weeks ago and I’m obsessed per usual.  I don’t know what it is about that show but I for real, love watching it!


Every time I watch, I think I could totally do the show… and then I think of A) how bored I’d be all day B) I basically would eat nothing but no thanks to bugs and C) I’d have to keep my opinions to myself about things… which sometimes that’s hard for me… :/ So for now, I’ll just watch it and imagine myself there 🙂

Apparently I have a lot of fav-yay’s this week and I feel like I could say 10 more! Ha! But I won’t because we all have lives we want to get back to, right?!

Any fun plans for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? If so, be safe and make smart choices! 🙂 PS- how many smiley faces can I have in one post?! That’s what I’d be thinking after I read this one.. ha!


7 thoughts on “Friday Fav-Yays!

  1. Bailey Bryant says:

    We love Survivor l, too! I told my husband I thought I would be pretty good as a player and he convinced me I would not. 😉 By the way, has anyone ever told you that you favor Mandy Moore?! Because you so do! For real thought that was Rebecca Pearson in your top picture!


  2. Mackensey says:

    I hate shoes, too! And I am so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like flats, I always feel so gross wearing them! I just bought some invisible socks though because I feel like I should start wearing them for work more..we will see! That’s so sweet your nieces are coming to stay-I hope you guys have the best time!


  3. Every Piece Fits // Rebecca says:

    I did notice you didn’t post, but everyone needs a little break here and there. I hope you had a restful week aside from the back to back work outs! Way to go btw!! Creating the habit of working out will change your mindset naturally. It comes with time and exploring new work outs/classes that will keep your interest. I’m happy to suggest some if you want to email me privately. I feel like I’ve tried everything (just about) over the years! Now…about that margarita you had…I’m counting down to having one tonight! =)))


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