Happy Hour – Spring Break Edition!

It’s Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday so it’s basically Friday, right?! 😂 #iwish

Today I’m joining Holly for Happy Hour and sharing our favorite spring break trip! So grab your coffee (and baileys) or margarita (hey, I won’t judge!) and let’s start a trip down memory lane!

Living in Destin, FL meant we didn’t do a lot of big trips for spring break when I was younger. I also didn’t do many in high school because I worked through my spring breaks and in college, I visited back home for my vacation! So my pictures will be from one of my favorite places, Destin!

A lot of our days consisted of the beach…

Then out for the night 🙂

Some days we’d run to Tropical Smoothie for lunch too, of course! 😍

And sometimes it was out for the start of the night at our place of employment; Fuds!

My girlfriend, Lauren owns a boat so we went out wakeboarding a bit too!

Although it’s safe to say, I’m not the most coordinated!

Even though it wasn’t a fancy crazy trip for spring break ever, they will always be my favorite trips! I loved getting back home and visiting these girls 😊

What’s your favorite spring break trip?! Do you have any fun ones planned for the upcoming week(s)?


3 thoughts on “Happy Hour – Spring Break Edition!

  1. Allie @ agalnamedal.com says:

    Is Feds Fudpuckers? My little brother fell asleep stretched across chairs there when he was 5 and my dad and grandma came out to meet us at the car and had totally forgotten him there sleeping! How in the world you could fall asleep there is beyond me! I need a Destin trip!


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