Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday! It was a quiet weekend which was perfect since the next 3 are busy busy busy!  As much as I know you’d love to hear me ramble on… I figure I’ll just jump into our boring glorious weekend!

Friday night was quiet.  We had some repairs done to the truck on Thursday and had to pick up the truck Friday so after doing that, we stopped and picked up some Mac N’ Cheese pizza (it is Lent after all)!  And yes that deserves capital letters 🙂

You know that book I started on Thursday?  Well, let’s just say I finished it on Friday night somehow!  I’ll share my thoughts on it later.

Saturday, the Mr. headed out for his first round of golf of the year while I ran a few errands (finally signed up for a library card instead of buying all my books!) and cleaned out my closet.  Literally.  

I have so many clothes that I haven’t worn in months so out of the closet they go!  I’m trying to adopt the “one out before one comes in” rule.. so hopefully this will help!

We went out for some Mexican and I had the best margarita!  L gave up drinking for Lent so it was a big role reversal when I ordered a bigger margarita and he ordered a soda. 🙂

After dinner, we came back and lounged a bit while watching Star Wars.

Sunday, L headed back to the golf course since it was supposed to be in the 60’s!  I worked out and then took the pups for a walk.  Yes, you read that right… I.WORKED.OUT! 

And it felt pretty good.  I also made some cake batter overnight oats that I’m so anxious to try tomorrow!  I relaxed after running to the store and started reading this.

We ended the day with baking some Chocolate chip cookies (though mine never turn out as good!) and prepared for the week! 

Hope your weekend was just as relaxing! Monday, we’re ready for you! 


7 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind

  1. Allie @ A Gal Named Al says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the book! I was craving chocolate chip cookies this weekend but didn’t cave (yet!) I skipped the entire women’s clothing department at Target yesterday. I have way too much, and like you said, I need to adopt the one in, one out rule! Have a great week!


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