Fancy Favorites!

Yayyyyyy, we made it to Friday!! Who else is screaming from the rooftops?!  There’s just something about Friday’s that brighten my day 🙂 #imaginethat  This weekend my Mama is headed back home to Destin and I’m seriously so bummed!  I’m happy she’ll be vacationing there for once but I’m bummed I’m not tagging along!  I mean, I could use a warm weekend at the beach and Seaside 🙂


Boy, do I miss this view!

Oh yeah, and seeing this girl before she heads to Alaska!


And this tan…!

Anyway – since I’ve complained rambled on enough, let’s move on to a few more favorites of the week…


Two Words… Tropical Smoothie.

Yes, I totally made Jess take a picture of me and my favorite place 🙂

I had a Strawberry Beach smoothie yesterday and seriously… I’m in love!  This was my go-to favorite drink (place) when I was in high school and college in Florida.  I would go to the beach during the day (during summer and my senior year, of course), grab a smoothie and head to Fuds to work for the night.  Literally, every day ritual – except some days I’d shop during the day instead of the beach 🙂 I miss those days so much!!


I stopped by a friends’ house yesterday (busy day, huh?!) after work and I love any time I get to see her and her little girl!

Logan came along to keep Ms. Harper busy and while she wasn’t too keen on it, she did enjoy his singing 🙂




Need I say more?!  Probably not but I will, duh.  I made these fancy treats on Sunday night and I’m seriously obsessed.  I suggest you stop what you’re doing right now, I don’t care if it’s day or night and make these.  I mean, there’s nothing more important obviously…


This just came in the mail and I’m so excited to read it!! I’ve heard so many people love love love it so now I need to read it and love love love it 🙂 Have you read it??


I finally finished “I said yes” which is also a favorite too (let’s be real.. finishing any book is a favorite of mine!).


The absolute last thing I need are wine glasses but I’m obsessed with all of these glasses and just about everything they sell!


I mean, for real…

I also love their blah blah blah glasses!

 Alright, I think I’ve shared enough for ever the day so I’ll let you get back to making those s’mores 🙂

5 on Friday.jpg

Happy Friday!!


12 thoughts on “Fancy Favorites!

  1. Erin Port says:

    Ok so the book you recommended was just recommended on another blog so now it’s gone to the top of my spring break reading list. Anxious to see what you think. AND yes finishing any book is a favorite of mine…if I am lucky I finish one a month ;). We have Tropical Smoothie Cafe too and I love it but it’s so silly I don’t think of it in the winter time. Random! They have really good wraps too! xoxo ERIN

    Liked by 1 person

    • happilyevergriedls says:

      I grabbed It Ends with Us based on all the recommendations too and girl.. I read it in 2 days somehow!?! That never happens! It wasn’t what I expected, although I didn’t really know what to expect but it was good 🙂 Definitely pick it up! Tropical Smoothie wraps?! Yes!! The turkey one is the best!


  2. Rebecca // Every Piece Fits says:

    There’s so much to love in this post! Your tan was perfect…it has been years since I’ve had a real tan and even with my self tanner that I love it never looks that good! I may be in Miami, but we won’t visit the beach and now I am missing it! A strawberry smoothie of any kind…yes, please! I love a good smoothie, but I tend to drink them too fast. (Glutenous!) Is your leopard sweater from JCrew? I love it! I have a similar pattern one which is why I think it might be JCrew, but mine is short sleeve. It looks gorgeous on you. –> and lastly, I need those wine glasses! So fun! I hope you have an amazing weekend! Looking forward to your weekend recap!

    Liked by 1 person

    • happilyevergriedls says:

      I totally feel the same way about tans.. No matter the self tanner I use, it never looks the same! Ugh.. if only tanning wasn’t so bad for your skin! Even though you’re not visiting the beach (total bummer!) I bet you’re loving on your nieces enough for it to not even matter 🙂 My sweater is from JCrew!! How funny you have a super similar one from there too! Can’t wait to hear about your weekend as well!


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