Show & Tell Tuesday – Picture edition

Hello and Happy Tuesday!  It’s been a crazy weekend and day yesterday with my nieces visiting me and I can’t wait to share that with you later this week but for now, I’m linking up with Andrea to share my top 5 (maybe 10) pictures 🙂


Keep in mind, this is going to be from college on because let’s face it.. those are the pictures I have on my computer so bear with me.. in no particular order, I should say!



I have so many pictures of my nieces and myself, it’s crazy! No joke… but I’ve always loved this one from Easter weekend so many years ago!  I can’t believe these girls are now almost 12 and 15.


From our rehearsal dinner in December 2015

 Where does the time go?!!?


One of the things we spent the most money on for our wedding happened to be one of the worst decisions we made – our photographer! So unfortunately, I don’t love very many pictures from our wedding BUT I will always be grateful to my Aunt Lynn for getting this one before we left that night 🙂


It’s absolutely one of my favorites!


The next two are from my last summer at home after college and before law school!  This was the first time Logan had been to Niceville and it was seriously the best time!  He came twice that summer (I was gone for roughly 2 months before we moved to Minneapolis together) and those two weeks will always go down as some of my favorite memories!


This is from that same summer (and one of the trips with L in town!) – it was so much fun dancing on the docks on the Harbor with my Mama in tow!



These next two are from the same weekend so that counts as one picture, right?! 🙂

This is right before the “big surprise” party for my MIL this past summer.  I just love us all dolled up and ready to go – and my MIL had no idea!


This one is from the same day but while we were setting up.  We worked hard to make sure it was a great day for my MIL and it definitely was a day to remember! 🙂



I absolutely love this picture from this past October with my family!



I know, I’m basically over my limit but I can’t decide… I love these from my wedding and will always cherish having these two in my life!


I mean, how cute are my Grandmas?


I could seriously keep posting so many pictures!  We have so many important friends and people in our lives that were left out of these pictures (we really love you ALL!) but I can’t help but smile when I see these ones! Side note: Most of these are from 2015- current… I mean, I could have shared a few more from 2010, right?! If you want to see #allthepictures just let me know! Ha!

I’ll be back tomorrow with What’s Up, Wednesday to share a little more of what we’ve been up to this month!



Fitting room finds! 

Happy Thursday!  I’m so ready for the weekend (per usual) and can’t believe we have just a few days left!  I’m pretty excited because my Brother is meeting me for lunch today at work and it’s always so nice when we can get together! And Chick-fil-A is a definite favorite of mine so that helps as well!

It’s no surprise that I love shopping and Lilly Pulitzer #duh so when I stopped into the Via Lilly store the other day, I knew I needed to try a few of their new prints!  Of course, the hardest part is leaving without all of them (and breaking the bank!). One thing.. I’m not the biggest fan of this store – it’s pretty dark, the dressing rooms aren’t fun at all like at Lilly and the staff isn’t the nicest! Every time I go in there, I never think LILLY! Anyways, I’ll stop my vent sesh..

And so it begins…. 🙂

I loved this Etta top! It’s so comfy and the print is incredibly vibrant! I shared it in a #realoutfitgram on Insta this past weekend and can’t stop wearing it!

I hadn’t tried one of their popovers yet but after this one, I think I’m hooked! They are so soft and comfortable!  Surprisingly, they are pretty flattering too which seems crazy for a sweatshirt?! Also… do you see the zipper has a pineapple and a tassel for it??

This top is an older print and was on sale for $21 so I thought I’d give it a try! But the xs was just a little too tight with the material so it stayed at the store!

I’m all about the Elsa tops ( I own just a few ;)) and in case you weren’t aware.. I love cold shoulders so this new top was a total love of mine after I tried it!

So cute, right?!

I own a few of these Essie dresses and they’re always favorites of mine! They’re so easy to throw on for errands or dress them up with wedges for drinks out! I’ve even worn mine to work with a cute cardigan and wedges!

I own 2 of the Marlowe dresses and thought I’d try this new print on!  I don’t always love this type of dress because of my larger chest (it’s not the most flattering!) but this print definitely brightened it up!

This was the first Bay dress I’ve tried and while I love the print I’m just not sure about the fit as much..

It has a super cute little button clasp at the back of the dress which is a sweet touch!

The last dress that I tried and fell in love with quickly was the Adira Off The Shoulder Dress! It’s seriously so cute!!  I’m not always a fan of off the shoulder for obvious reasons but this one didn’t disappoint!

That wraps up my Lilly session 🙂 I’m always looking to add more Lilly to my closet and can’t decide on which dress to pick up for spring and summer?

Are you a Lilly fan?! Which dresses are your favorite?


It’s finally spring!

Happy Tuesday!  This warmer weather is making me crave spring! And guess what?! It’s officially spring after yesterday!  I’m hoping the sun sticks around for at least a few more days! I love taking when I go outside and I can just smell that spring is coming.. does that make sense?! Another random fact: Until yesterday, I totally thought seasons were capitalized… but apparently since they are “generic nouns” they aren’t. #whoops

Anyways… I’m linking up with Erika and Ashley for Tuesday Takk and my topic this week; this super cute gingham top because I just can’t…

I mean, those bell sleeves?! So good, y’all!  Perfect for a date night or just lunch with friends!

I’m in the process of revamping our front porch for spring and while it’s usually something I love doing… the gloomier/cooler weather had me all out of sorts!  One day it would be 60 and sunny and the next, we’ll have snow. It’s been hard to get in the spring mood with that weather!

My Mama bought me the cutest big flamingo for the front porch and I’m hoping that gets me in the mood to get it together!

The hubs and I are planning a trip for my birthday in May and are deciding between Atlanta, Dallas, Houston or New Orleans?!  Any suggestions for which place we should go?!


Work out Wednesday! 

I mentioned on Friday, that I’ve actually been keeping up with working out lately and while I’m not a huge fan yet.. I’m loving the workout gear at least!:)

I’ve had a few of you ask what I wear working out and here’s a few pictures to show you 🙂

If you haven’t noticed, I have a larger chest and therefore, sports bras are seriously terrible!  I currently wear these (in my normal cup size) and I’m not in love.  My cousin recommends these with the cup sizes and they are on my list to order! If you have any other recommendations, I’d love to hear them!!

I work out at the end of the day, so I do usually have make up on (in case you’re wondering) and my trusty pearl earrings!

As far as leggings go, I love zellas for working out (or every day wear)!  They’re the same comfort as Lululemon with a much better price tag!  I couldn’t imagine spending $90+ on leggings but props to you ladies who totally wear them!  The pants I’m wearing in the picture are surprisingly from here! I haven’t shopped here in so many years (most of the clothes are always tiny) but we bought the guys’ sweaters for our wedding there and so I get emails often.  One of the emails showed these and I totally needed them! And for under $25… absolutely up my alley!

I wish I could say that I was super into tennis shoes as well.. I’m not, clearly, so I generally look for a fun color at the Nike or Adidas outlet store for a pair since I don’t wear them outside of working out.

I’m putting together a list of all the workout wear I’ve been lusting after (and what I’ve already ordered myself) and will share it with y’all next week!  What are some of your favorites that don’t break the bank?!


Weekend Rewind!

This weekend came and went and we’re back to a fresh week already!  It was such a great weekend, I never wanted it to end #duh #thatswhateveryonethinks

Friday, Jess and I took a few photos for the blog (she’s amazing!) and then headed to Acapulco for some margaritas and queso! And to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day of course 🙂

I attempted to make corn beef and cabbage in the crockpot but unfortunately, when the Mr gave it a try- he deemed it terrible! I’m not kidding when I say, he clearly didn’t marry me for my cooking abilities!

Saturday we headed to Eau Claire for the day for a work bowling tournament for Logan. I hung out with my Mama and Grandma and had such a fun day!

First stop after I dropped Logan off, Ross and TJ Maxx! My mama bought me the sweetest flamingo (not this one) for the front porch and I’m obsessed!

Can someone tell to me how to make this happen? Please??

After shopping, we picked up my Grandma for some lunch! Logan isn’t big on Italian (seriously…) at all so I never get pasta when we go out or make it for dinner.

So Fazoli’s won out! Love me some raviolis and breadsticks!  Side note: I promise my Grandma enjoyed herself contrary to her face in the picture! 😂 Every time we tell her to smile- she says she never smiled in pictures before and wouldn’t start now!

I picked Logan up later that afternoon and we stopped by Monk’s with my Mama and Dennis for dinner (for Logan) and apps for the rest of us before heading back to Minnesota!

Sunday, we met friends for brunch at Haute Dish in Minneapolis. If you’re in the area, it’s a must visit!  It was so nice to catch up since we haven’t seen them in so long!  We relaxed the rest of the day and got ready for the week ahead!

Hope y’all had a fabulous weekend and are ready for another week in Paradise 😘


Happy 1st Anniversary! 

I can’t believe that a year ago today, I published my first blog post! I shared A little peek into my world… as my first post and have been blown away by how much this little space has grown!

I didn’t know what would come of this little space when I first started.  I just knew I wanted to document our lives as newlyweds (and beyond) to be able to look back on in the future and share our lives with loved ones who aren’t part of our every day lives.

I’ve met so many people throughout this last year and am so thankful to be part of a fun-loving community!  I’ve shared so much over the last year #helloweddings and am so humbled that so many people visit this little site on a daily basis to read all about it!  I’ve shared Ten Questions about myself, my Year in Review and many awkward weird confessions.

I can’t say thank you enough for following along on this “journey” with me!  I don’t know how long I’ll continue with this but for now, I’m having fun!

I actually have some fun posts coming up in the near future and hope you’re just as excited for them as I am to share them!

Happy Saturday!


Friday Fav-Yays!

So… in case you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t posted since Monday and all that was a recap of the weekend and now my usual Friday Favs.  Real fun, Kristi, real fun… Anyway, I promise to get back to my normal schedule starting next week!  Oh yeah, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I have corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot for dinner and I can’t say I’m a huge fan of it… Do any of you make that around this time?!  Ok, let’s move on to things I DO like…



Working out… well I can’t say it’s a “favorite” BUT I’ve maintained working out for the past 11 out of 13 days!  Can you believe that?!


I certainly can’t.  I don’t intend to workout tomorrow (everyone needs a day, right?!) but I’m hoping to keep this up for at least a month… big goals, huh?! I was hoping after doing it a certain amount of time, I’d somehow just love doing it but that’s not really the case.  At least as of now.. I mean, those people who say they truly love working out?? I can’t relate. I can relate to cute workout clothes though, am I right?! I’m going to doing a post on my favorites next week 🙂


Umm obviously St. Patrick’s Day!  It’s just crazy to me that we’re already in the middle of March and next week this time, I’ll be prepping for my nieces to come visit!  I’m meeting Jess for some drinks and happy hour festivities and can’t wait!

I spent last St. Paddy’s Day with Jess as well (and Logan) and totally enjoyed my usual Margarita 🙂

A little #tbt to senior year of college and mine and Niki’s wild night out on Water St. 🙂

St Patricks Day

It is so funny to look back at pictures like this from 7 years ago on FB and see how much fun we had back then.. and how old mature we are now!


These girls.

These sweet nieces of mine asked months ago if they could come stay with us for part of their spring break and I couldn’t be more excited!! They are coming without my sister (I wish she was tagging along as well), which is a total first but I can’t wait! I love any time I get with them and love that they want to spend so much time with us!


I just finished my fourth book of the month already (who am I?!?!) and I can’t wait to share all my thoughts on the books with you at the end of the month.


This was the last book I read.. and I’m not sure how I feel about it! Total nightmare book…Have any of you read it?!?!  If you have, what did you think??


Last week, I got a much needed pedicure with Gayle and now I’m really itching for Spring!


I mean, I’m a flip flop girl at heart and I hate wearing closed toed shoes!  I will wear flats, if I must but I don’t love those because my feet get so sweaty… it’s gross. Probably TMI but honestly.. give me all the sandals and flip flops!


Survivor started a few weeks ago and I’m obsessed per usual.  I don’t know what it is about that show but I for real, love watching it!


Every time I watch, I think I could totally do the show… and then I think of A) how bored I’d be all day B) I basically would eat nothing but no thanks to bugs and C) I’d have to keep my opinions to myself about things… which sometimes that’s hard for me… :/ So for now, I’ll just watch it and imagine myself there 🙂

Apparently I have a lot of fav-yay’s this week and I feel like I could say 10 more! Ha! But I won’t because we all have lives we want to get back to, right?!

Any fun plans for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? If so, be safe and make smart choices! 🙂 PS- how many smiley faces can I have in one post?! That’s what I’d be thinking after I read this one.. ha!


Weekend whereabouts!

Monday, you’re back around and I’m really wondering why you can’t be more like Saturday?!

My dad turned 60 this last week and his only request for his birthday was a day filled with us kids!  So we did what any perfect children would do.. set out for Madison for a super quick weekend! 😂 I mean, I’m not kidding when I say quick…

We got into town around 8:45 Friday night and headed out for a quick drink and some dinner with my sister and BIL at a quaint local bar.

It’s not something we normally do (go out and about – just us) when we’re with them but hopefully it’ll start being something we do often because it was a lot of fun! 😊

We headed home after and chatted with my sweet nieces before hitting the hay!

Saturday was my Dad’s day and the Mr and I headed over to his house early for some breakfast and to help with any last minute things!  My brother, SIL and sister and her family all came around noon!

My Grandma and Grandpa (aunt and uncle too) came for some lunch and to watch the Badger game!

I don’t get to Madison often or to see these ones much so I truly cherish the times we all see each other!

I mean… how cute is my Grandma?! Fun fact: I lived with my grandparents for the first two years of college 😊 something I’m so glad I was able to do!

My dad opened gifts, we sang happy birthday and enjoyed cake after lunch (and during half time of the game)!

And later in the evening, we enjoyed some adult games!

There were about 7 of us and we played The Game of Nasty Things! Such a fun (and a little dirty) game!

We headed home Sunday morning around 10 and were happy to lounge a little bit before a busy week!

And because I love sweets (and gave up candy for Lent) I did what any normal girl does after a busy weekend and 4.5 hour drive home – I made Rice Krispy Treats! I haven’t had these in forever (I always get them when I’m at Noodles & Co but it’s been a while) and seriously.. the majority of the pan is already gone.. whoops!

And we finished the weekend off with the start to a new book (me) and finishing up a few more episodes of some Breaking Bad! We just started season 4.. and I swear my heart stops .928 times every episode! 😂

Don’t forget to enter the Target $200 giftcard giveaway still going on!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Monday – let’s hope next week it acts a little more like Saturday 😍


Happy Hour – Spring Break Edition!

It’s Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday so it’s basically Friday, right?! 😂 #iwish

Today I’m joining Holly for Happy Hour and sharing our favorite spring break trip! So grab your coffee (and baileys) or margarita (hey, I won’t judge!) and let’s start a trip down memory lane!

Living in Destin, FL meant we didn’t do a lot of big trips for spring break when I was younger. I also didn’t do many in high school because I worked through my spring breaks and in college, I visited back home for my vacation! So my pictures will be from one of my favorite places, Destin!

A lot of our days consisted of the beach…

Then out for the night 🙂

Some days we’d run to Tropical Smoothie for lunch too, of course! 😍

And sometimes it was out for the start of the night at our place of employment; Fuds!

My girlfriend, Lauren owns a boat so we went out wakeboarding a bit too!

Although it’s safe to say, I’m not the most coordinated!

Even though it wasn’t a fancy crazy trip for spring break ever, they will always be my favorite trips! I loved getting back home and visiting these girls 😊

What’s your favorite spring break trip?! Do you have any fun ones planned for the upcoming week(s)?


DIY spring wreath

I love to make wreaths.. I could make one every week if I had reason to! My grandma recently asked if I could make her one and I totally jumped on that 🙂  She was hoping for a spring wreath that she could use into summer as well.  Tulips have always been a favorite of mine (and is my current wreath on the door!) so I thought what better way to welcome the new seasons than pink?!

Supplies needed:

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Flower of your choice
  • Letter
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon

Step 1:

Come up with a design idea!  Choose a color palette or flower and mix and match some greenery to add more to it!

Step 2:

Lay out the flowers and initial or numbers how you’d like them to go! Don’t worry about gluing anything down just yet. After I set them out with how I wanted them to look – I cut all the steps so that the flowers were apart and then they were good to go!

Step 3:

I started to intertwine the tulips into the wreath and adjusted as I went along.  I did not glue any of the flowers either – they just stick right in there!

Step 4:

Once it started to take shape, I had to decide where I wanted the bow to go and how far down I wanted the tulips to go.  Once I figured out where the bow would go, I placed a ribbon over the middle of the tulips.

Step 5:

Next, I started to place the tulips in the other direction so I could fill out the left side of the wreath.

Once I started, I realized I should move to the other side so I can actually see how I wanted them placed.

Step 6:

Adjust flowers how you want them to look -fill in any empty areas or lopsided areas!

Step 7:

Make a bow ahead of time and glue it right on where you already had your ribbon.  I switched up my ribbon so it would flow with the tulips more for Spring.

Step 8:

Lastly, turn over your letter (or numbers) and hot glue it right onto the wreath.  If there are loose edges on the wreath where your letter is going, I will sometimes put the letter under those for more support.

And when you’re all done, hang hang hang it!  Or in my case, I’ll give it on over to my Grandma 🙂  You could also put ribbon around the top and hang it that way if that’s more your style!

Easy peasy, right?!  I might just need to go into the wreath making business because it’s just so fun!

Happy Tuesday!