Weekend Recap

Happy March 1!  I can’t believe we’re almost past February! I had this post all done Monday night and for some reason it didn’t save… so back to the drawing board, right?! 

This weekend was pretty uneventful in that we didn’t have big plans! The Mr went on an ice fishing trip in Wisconsin Thursday night to Sunday and I relaxed a bit at home! 

Friday night I met up with Jess for a fun happy hour at Acapulco.  Margaritas and queso?! Um, yaaaaaaaaasss please!! All.Day.Every.Day.

After happy hour, I rented Secret Life of Pets and watched with the pups before heading to bed!  Crazy Friday night, huh?! πŸ™‚

Saturday was just as crazy!  I purged reorganized our office!  I finally bought myself a desk after using my husband’s for the last few years.  He got his in college at Hope Gospel (resale shop) and it was not the cutest thing, but it worked!  I’ll show a fun “before/after” once I’m completely done!

I ran to Nordstrom to check out some of their items from the winter sale that ended Sunday and shared some of my fitting room finds on Saturday along with a fun giveaway (giveaway still going on!)!  After shopping a bit, I met a girlfriend for lunch and finally got a chance to see her new house!

On a whim on Sunday, Jess and I headed to the Albertville Outlet Mall to see if we could find any good deals!  Shocker.. the best deals were last weekend for the President’s Day sale but we still were able to pick up a few cute things πŸ™‚

Somehow, I ended up with more things for Logan and my nieces than myself.. but it was still fun!  And honestly, the sun was shining and it felt great to get in a lot of steps! Totally my kind of “outdoor activity”! 


Logan came home Sunday afternoon and then had a golf lesson (can you believe that?! As good as he is and he’s just starting a few lessons!) so I did what any normal person does.. made fancy s’mores

And that’s a wrap! It was a low key weekend which was just what I needed! Although, I was waiting for Sunday to come to see Logan.. so that didn’t help getting back to work Monday! 

Enjoy the hump Day and just think.. it’s almost Friday!! 


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