Show & Tell Tuesday!


Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m linking up today with Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesday and today we’re re-introducing the loves of our lives… aka spouses, pets, families, etc. so without further adieu… here are some of the loves in my life!


Logan and I met in January 2010 during my senior year of college in Eau Claire, WI.  After graduation (and a summer in FL), we moved to Minneapolis where I attended law school and he transferred job locations for an energy company.


In 2013, we bought our first home and were engaged in September 2014 (during our annual crawfish boil).

engagementWhile we wanted a Spring or Summer wedding ideally, we were not willing to wait until 2017 for a wedding date (those dates book up so fast!) so we set the date for December 12, 2015 and started the plan for a winter wedding!


We planned to go all out for “winter” since we couldn’t have the season we wanted and planned an outdoor ceremony (in Minnesota.. in December)!  We were hoping for snow but instead had rain the day of the rehearsal and 20 degree weather!


We honeymooned in the Dominican Republic shortly after.


And the rest is history!


We don’t have any babies yet (hopefully soon!) but we do have two little pups that are like children 🙂





We got Leinie from my in-laws in January 2012 (they breed little dogs).


She’s the sweetest little thing.



Destin was the newest edition to our little family – we got him from my in-laws in January 2015.


And two years later, he’s still just as energetic and playful as when he learned how to walk! Yes, I realize I’m talking about him like he’s a child but we just love him 🙂


I mean…. 🙂

I shared more about them here and lots more pictures!

Well, that’s our little family!  I can’t wait to hear about all of yours!


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