Valentine Candy Popcorn

While visiting my nieces a few weekends ago, we thought it would be fun to make a fun Valentine’s treat! Since I don’t see them as often as I’d like – it was fun being able to do this ❤ love these not-so-little girls!!

How many Valentine things can I have on the blog this month, you ask?! Oh not many.. 😂


20 cups of popcorn (you can use regular microwave popcorn but we used Skinny Pop!)

White chocolate (to melt)

Pink chocolate (to melt)

Valentine Sprinkles

Valentine M&Ms

First, put 20 cups of popcorn into a large bowl.

Next, melt the white chocolate and pour over the popcorn.

Make sure all the popcorn is coated with the white chocolate!

After the popcorn is coated, spread the chocolate covered popcorn onto a baking sheet.

Now is the fun part – start coating the popcorn with the sprinkles.  If you’re making this with kids, you might need a bit of wine as well 🙂

Not that I didn’t enjoy the “I want to do it! No, I want to do it!”

Then add the M&Ms…

Lastly, you’ll add the pink chocolate all over the toppings!

Then, of course, you need more sprinkles and M&Ms to go over the pink chocolate, right?!

Viola!  The final product 🙂 It’s so festive AND so yummy!

I got this idea over here and she has some cute printables to use these as Valentine’s for your kiddos school 🙂

I love being able to do these things with my nieces – pretty soon they’re going to be too old (almost there :() so I’ll take any time I can get!

What are your favorite Valentine treats?


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