Fancy S’mores!

One of my favorite things about summer and fall are s’mores!  I’m not kidding.. I ask my husband weekly if we can have a quick fire just so I can make s’mores and his response is always “you’re crazy”.  My response is usually – “fine, I’ll do it myself!” in hopes that will make him jump right up! Ha!  He doesn’t love hearing that since I’m ridiculous and don’t know how to actually start the bonfire.. I mean, you just put some paper in it and light it on fire with wood too right?!

Let’s be real now..

So after searching on Pinterest (because duh) I finally found the perfect recipe (thanks ABD!) for s’mores (in the kitchen sans fire) and it even included my favorite; SPRINKLES!  And to make it even better.. they literally take just a few minutes to make!

Let’s get this party started!!

  1. Dipping Chocolate
  2. Marshmallows
  3. Sprinkles
  4. Graham crackers
  1. Spray down a cookie sheet with non-stick spray and set the oven to broil.
  2. Place all of the marshmallows on the pan and pop them in an oven for about 1 minute on each side (Make sure you watch the oven… these things brown FAST!!)
  3. Once you’ve pulled the marshmallows out of the oven, let them cool down while you prep the graham crackers.
  4. Get the melting chocolate ready by heating it in 30 second intervals in the microwave until the chocolate is smooth and melty. Then put a little dollop of chocolate on each graham cracker to hold the marshmallow in place.
  5. Next, place the slightly cooled marshmallow on the graham cracker.
  6. Place the other side of the graham cracker on top and smoooosh.
  7. Then dip one side of the s’more into the chocolate..
  8. Immediately dip into the sprinkles!!
  9. Place them on a surface to cool
  10. ENJOY!!!!
Enjoy your Monday!! 🙂

Weekend Recap

Happy March 1!  I can’t believe we’re almost past February! I had this post all done Monday night and for some reason it didn’t save… so back to the drawing board, right?! 

This weekend was pretty uneventful in that we didn’t have big plans! The Mr went on an ice fishing trip in Wisconsin Thursday night to Sunday and I relaxed a bit at home! 

Friday night I met up with Jess for a fun happy hour at Acapulco.  Margaritas and queso?! Um, yaaaaaaaaasss please!! All.Day.Every.Day.

After happy hour, I rented Secret Life of Pets and watched with the pups before heading to bed!  Crazy Friday night, huh?! 🙂

Saturday was just as crazy!  I purged reorganized our office!  I finally bought myself a desk after using my husband’s for the last few years.  He got his in college at Hope Gospel (resale shop) and it was not the cutest thing, but it worked!  I’ll show a fun “before/after” once I’m completely done!

I ran to Nordstrom to check out some of their items from the winter sale that ended Sunday and shared some of my fitting room finds on Saturday along with a fun giveaway (giveaway still going on!)!  After shopping a bit, I met a girlfriend for lunch and finally got a chance to see her new house!

On a whim on Sunday, Jess and I headed to the Albertville Outlet Mall to see if we could find any good deals!  Shocker.. the best deals were last weekend for the President’s Day sale but we still were able to pick up a few cute things 🙂

Somehow, I ended up with more things for Logan and my nieces than myself.. but it was still fun!  And honestly, the sun was shining and it felt great to get in a lot of steps! Totally my kind of “outdoor activity”! 


Logan came home Sunday afternoon and then had a golf lesson (can you believe that?! As good as he is and he’s just starting a few lessons!) so I did what any normal person does.. made fancy s’mores

And that’s a wrap! It was a low key weekend which was just what I needed! Although, I was waiting for Sunday to come to see Logan.. so that didn’t help getting back to work Monday! 

Enjoy the hump Day and just think.. it’s almost Friday!! 


Fancy fitting room finds!

Happy Saturday night!  Can you believe I haven’t posted all week?! Me neither…..

And today, I’m here to share another giveaway! Clearly this is me lately…

So let’s all be excited here 🙂

First things first, I headed to Nordstrom to try on a few of their sale items as well as new items and they were totally hit or miss!  Before we start… I look a little angry in these selfies – I promise I was enjoying myself 🙂

How fun is this top?! I just love the shoulder details!

My only wish.. that it came in brighter colors!  The red color online looks a lot brighter than it actually looked in the store!
So the next shirt I tried, I saw originally on Ashley and thought it was so cute but let’s be real.. I’m not sure if it’s my larger chest or what but it was not as cute on me (it also runs small so if you love this, order up!)!  Total miss and bummer!

I was surprised that I totally loved this thermal!

This shirt is currently 40% off and even though it’s over-sized (I mean, size down ladies!) it’s really comfy and easy to throw on!
I ended up purchasing it in the grey color!

I’m such a huge fan of ruffles but I’m not sure how I feel about this one..

Now, they only had a small or xl in the store so I’m thinking maybe I’d like it more if it was a little bigger (I tried the small)?!

The next sweater was actually really cute!  The slits help to make it more flattering and I loved the length.  I would pair this with leather leggings and heels or just leggings and boots!

The sweet sales woman – Shout out to Sunny at Ridgedale!- brought me this Socialite tee in both blush and gray since she thought I’d like it and it’s so cute! I could see it with a sweater for Spring (if it’s cold where you are like here) or with shorts in the summer and wedges!

I guess I was on a blush and gray kick today!

Sunny also brought me this shirt and it is so great!  Love the color and the bell sleeves!

And in case you’re wondering.. this is what I wore shopping..

Skinny Vanilla Latte please 🙂

Also, these MAC lipglosses are $5 + free shipping.. just saying!

Now for the fun part, if you didn’t think the pictures above were fun 🙂 – I have teamed up with a great group of girls to give away a $200 Nordstrom gift card!  Perfect, right?!  And bonus, if you follow me on Instagram already, then you can check that off right away and you’ll be entered once!

The giveaway is going on now and ends on 03/14!  Good luck!

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Hope everyone has a fabulous and safe night!  My night consists of popcorn and a movie! Love quiet nights in 🙂


Magnolia Market Winner!

Happy Tuesday!  I have a short and sweet post today because I’m still getting over the Bachelor… ha! No, I’m not. Why do they start the episodes with rose ceremonies versus finishing each episode every eeek?! Annoying! However, it’s obviously Rachel. #thankschrisharrison 

Thank you all for entering this giveaway and I’m so excited to announce that the winner of the giveaway is

Mackensey Stang

I’ve emailed this winner this morning so check your email! 🙂

Thank you again to everyone!  Don’t worry if you didn’t win today (I’m always so bummed when I enter giveaways!), I have another giveaway soon enough! 🙂

Have a great day!


Weekend Wrap-Up!

I can’t believe it’s Monday already!  It was such a nice weekend all around – the weather was amazing (60s in February?!), the plans were fun and spending time with my in-laws is always a great time!

Every time we have visitors, it’s always so quiet and a tad lonely when they leave! We’re ready for another weekend with family!  Any way.. let’s see what we did this weekend..

Friday was jam packed! I worked a half day and around 11, we went downtown to scoop up the Mr for lunch and a fun day of golf!

First up, lunch!  We tried Blue Door Pub because it was featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives (though we did the Minneapolis location) and it did not disappoint!

It’s home of the Blucy Burger! Fun fact: my husband is obsessed with Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and would try a new place every week if I was as excited! I joked that if we ever lived by my MIL, they would be at different restaurants weekly!

After lunch we went to the Golf Show (one of my husbands favorite events of the year!).

How cute is this bag?! I’m obsessed but I don’t golf enough to justify spending that price on it! Bummer!

The boys tried the $100,000 putt challenge to no avail!

After the show, we thought we’d keep the golf theme going (every day needs a theme right?! 😂) and headed out for mini golfing at Can Can Wonderland! It’s a newer golf course designed by local artists!

The place was insanely colorful and somehow our picture was in front of a plain door… fail!

Even though some of the holes didn’t necessarily work.. some were pretty funny!

They’re also known for adult malt beverages 😍Love my forever guy! 

Somehow, we all (minus my SIL) got a hole in one! My FIL got 3 but somehow ended up in last place!

After tiring ourselves out with all that walking- we headed home for the rest of the night, made some chicken in the Ronco for dinner and just relaxed.  Usually we play a bit of games but instead Logan and his dad watched played some WWE on the PS4!

Saturday was my SIL’s gymnastics meet and it always amazes me the things she (and my other SIL) can do!

I mean.. really.. so good!
I seriously love watching all of her events! I wish they had more meets by us!  It really is so crazy to me that she can do all those things!

This moose out of balloons was insane- the meet was called the Twisted Moose- in case you’re like “was there just a random moose there?!”! He even had eyes and antlers out of balloons! I’m telling you.. that balloon artist is pretty talented!

We were all a little hungry after the meet (hello, we missed lunch!) so we headed to Pizza Luce for some yummy pizza!

We had the Bear and the Athena – and I’m surprised to say (because I don’t usually like to try anything new) I really loved the Bear! It was totally worth the trip down!  Can’t believe we sat next to an open window in February either!

Apparently everyone in the Facebook world saw a video on Saturday of the Milkjam Creamery so we also had to give a try! I mean.. ice cream is my jam!!

Slideshow Image 1

image via – what everyone saw on FB!

This platter was $56 – and if all the flavors had sounded as delicious as they look, I think we might have decided on it!  But since we didn’t, scoops was more up our alley!

The line was out the door when we got there.. thankfully it went pretty quick and that it was 59 degrees out versus negative!

My take away.. it wasn’t my favorite – they didn’t have cookie dough or any normal flavors but the Ridin’ Durrty was pretty good – if you liked dirt cups which I happen to love!

Everyone else said they’d go back for sure! I’m over here like “can we just go to Izzys??” 🙂

Sunday was more relaxing – I finally took down some of the Christmas lights.. yes I’m that person.. but it’s been freezing out.. and then headed for the mall with my MIL while Logan, Cam and Jay hit up the driving range!

I found the cutest gold wedges from Aldo and they were marked down to $35!

Yes please!

After stopping by Trader Joe’s, we met up with the others for some Mexican and margaritas before my in-laws headed home!

It was a busy filled weekend and we loved it all! We’re looking for to the next one! 😊

Don’t forget.. today is the last day to enter to win a Magnolia Market baseball tee so head over to Instagram to enter! Or if you don’t have Instagram- head to the bottom of this post for a chance to join the giveaway!


Friday Favorites + a Giveaway!

Happy Fri-YAY! It’s Friday and I have a half day so there’s a huge favorite there!!  We actually have my in-laws in town so we’ve planned a fun weekend ahead 🙂

As usual, I’m linking up for a fun Friday Favorites with Erika and I’ve got a really fun giveaway starting today.. so keep reading and be sure to enter!



Yesterday, our department went out for a celebration (for hitting our new business goal in 2016) and it was so nice to be out and relax!

We had lunch at Benihana at Mall of America (our office is right by there!) then played a round of mini golf! We’re pretty fortunate to all like each other so much (no cattiness like some offices have!).


The Mr surprised me with grabbing a drink and apps after class on Tuesday night! I didn’t think we’d celebrate Valentine’s that night but it all worked out!


My friends!

It’s funny because when I started this blog some friends thought it was weird but so many others were very supportive and tell me repeatedly how much they love to read along (which is crazy, right?!)!

I started this blog as a creative outlet to document what we do and love that it’s something we’ll be able to look back at in years to come! I get it, it’s weird  to people who don’t read a lot of blogs but I’ve enjoyed meeting so many other bloggers and other people while doing this.. so I think I’ll stick with it a little longer 😊 Thanks for reading along and supporting me in my crazy ideas!


As I mentioned above, my in laws are in town and we’re going to the huge golf show tonight!

It’s too bad Logan barely likes golf! 😂 #obsessedisanunderstatement


Nows the fun part.. remember yesterday when I said I loved watching Fixer Upper (and clearly need to follow everything they do!), well I ordered one of their cute shirts from the Magnolia Shop and thought a lucky reader needed one too 🤗 I mean, I can’t wait to get mine so clearly someone else should be just as excited!

Hop on over to Instagram (username: kristilynn531) for entry instructions (it’s easy!) and a chance to win!  The giveaway starts today and the winner will be announced on Tuesday!

In case you don’t have instagram, you can enter below as well!  For additional entries, check here!

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Well, that’s all for today!  Have a good weekend! And good luck 🙂


Ten Questions

When I had y’all fill out my survey about what you’d like to see more of – almost the number one topic was our everyday life and us !  Which, surprised me a bit because #wereboring BUT when I saw Mel and Narci blog about 10 Questions, I knew I had to join them!

So here we go!!


About Me

1. My childhood nickname was Kristi Lynnie…. per my Dad!  I didn’t really have any childhood nicknames with friends but ever since I was little my Dad has called me that!  Now, my MIL and SILs call me Kristi Lynn! 🙂

2. If you want to spoil me rotten, buy me flowers!  I don’t care if they’re cheap flowers from the grocery store or elaborate ones from a flower shop – I just love having fresh flowers on my kitchen table 🙂  Also, you could buy me Cookie Dough Craving from Culver’s because honestly… I could eat that all day, every day!

No automatic alt text available.

3. If I had a whole day to go shopping and money to spend, I would go to Lilly Pulitzer!  However, we don’t really have one in the near radius SO I’d have to say Nordstrom 🙂 I mean, a full day there to try lots of stuff on?! I could do a lot of damage there!

Image result for lilly pulitzer ecard

pretty much.

4. What is your current obsession? The Mindy Project! It’s finally back on Hulu and I’m binge watching all the seasons!  I will say… I didn’t like Kelly on the Office.. like at all so I didn’t think I’d like this show but Wow.. she says half the stuff I’m thinking! The smart stuff of course…. 😉 Do any of you watch this show??

Image result for mindy project ecard


Image result for mindy project ecard

I mean, seriously… 

Also.. I’m obsessed with Fixer Upper and every time I watch it, I’m convinced we need to redo our whole house!! I mean, it’s just so rustic and bright and ugh, I need a trip to Waco ASAP!

5.The one thing on my bucket list that I am most eager to do is become a Mama (in all honesty!) but also to visit the Eiffel Tower.. I’m hoping we’ll be able to make a pit stop in Paris before heading over to Portugal this Fall!

6. In my opinion, the best invention in the history of the world is tacos.  Need I say more?!?

Image result for taco meme

Also: wine.

7. I will always be loyal to my husband and family (and friends).  Over the last few years, I’ve truly learned what (and who) is important to me and if you’re part of my “tribe” then you have me for life 🙂 So consider yourself lucky! Ha!


8. If I could spend a day with a celebrity I would choose  Reese Witherspoon, hands down!  I know… I really threw you for a loop with that one! 😉 There’s just something about her that is so welcoming and she’s a huge favorite of mine so that would be amazing!

Image result for reese witherspoon ecard

I mean.. clearly we’re the same person.

9. The most wild OR crazy thing I have ever done (that I will admit to publicly) I got into someone else’s car at the Dollar Store this past week… Here’s the deal – I got some balloons for our Galentine’s Party  and as I walked out, I walked straight to what I thought was my car – unlocked it from the drivers side handle – and put the balloons in the backseat and got then climbed into the drivers seat…. I still didn’t notice it wasn’t my car!! Finally, I put my hand on the lever to start it and put it in drive and only then did I notice a gross spit cup, an old cup of coffee and the smell of smoke! Oh my did I get out so quickly and grab the balloons and run over to my actual car!  Thankfully no one came out to ask what I was doing… who does that?!!? So embarrassing!

10. When life hands me lemons…  I put them in a trifle dish on our counter as decorations! Ha! I mean….

Image result for lemons decoration

easy and beautiful!

Well.. there you have it! Hope it’s a terrific Thursday for you!  See you tomorrow for some Friday Favorites and a fun giveaway (hint, it might have to with my favorite home show!) 😉


What I Wore Wednesday

Am I the only one who thinks it’s crazy that Valentine’s Day is over (yes I know it’s only by 1 day but still..) and we’re moving on to the end of February?!  I can’t believe how fast the year is going already!

I haven’t shared a fun “What I Wore Wednesday” in a while so thought I’d share some recent OOTDs 🙂

Also… there’s a fun giveaway at the bottom of this post so make sure you keep reading!

I wore this skirt for our Engagement pictures and I wish there were more events I could wear it for!  I wore it around Christmas as well and felt that Valentine’s needed it as well 🙂

I shared this before but this top is one of my very favorites!  It’s under $30 and just super comfy – and I own it in 4 other colors… I’m eyeing it in the Twilight and Quail.. Also, I hardly wear jeans because I can’t find a good fit on most pairs but these are amazing. LOVE them!

I shared this outfit before (when the Mr and I had dinner before a concert) and I had to wear it again because it’s so cute! Love the mixing of prints and the faux leather leggings!

It’s no secret that I love me some Lilly Pulitzer and these Elsa tops are some of my favorites!

Comfy OOTD for La-La Land with Gayle!

Work OOTD – and I just so happen to stop in and try on a little bit of Lilly 🙂

More Lilly Pulitzer because I just can’t stop…

Every time I look at these pictures I think to myself… A) You need a tan, Kristi.. so much! and B) quit touching your hair!

My dress is sold out but I love this one and have shared it on here a few times! Also.. it’s under $30 so it’s a no brainer!

Not the best lighting BUT I love my Lilly Pulitzer top!  I ordered this online but it came with a blue spot on it- so thankfully I was able to pick up one in the Via Lilly store close by so I could wear it for a spontaneous trip for drinks and apps to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my Valentine!

Happy to have good customer service – and I’ve since shipped it back free of charge (shipping)!

Now for the fun part… I’ve teamed up with a group of great bloggers to give away a $200 Target Gift Card to a lucky reader!  Think of the damage you could do and for once – not say “I only needed milk…” ha!  The giveaway begins at 6pm today and goes until March 8 so make sure to get your name in!

To enter, follow the Rafflecopter below!

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Good luck!  I have an extra fun and quick giveaway (as if this one isn’t good enough?!) for you on Friday so make sure to check back for that! 🙂

Show & Tell Tuesday!


Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m linking up today with Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesday and today we’re re-introducing the loves of our lives… aka spouses, pets, families, etc. so without further adieu… here are some of the loves in my life!


Logan and I met in January 2010 during my senior year of college in Eau Claire, WI.  After graduation (and a summer in FL), we moved to Minneapolis where I attended law school and he transferred job locations for an energy company.


In 2013, we bought our first home and were engaged in September 2014 (during our annual crawfish boil).

engagementWhile we wanted a Spring or Summer wedding ideally, we were not willing to wait until 2017 for a wedding date (those dates book up so fast!) so we set the date for December 12, 2015 and started the plan for a winter wedding!


We planned to go all out for “winter” since we couldn’t have the season we wanted and planned an outdoor ceremony (in Minnesota.. in December)!  We were hoping for snow but instead had rain the day of the rehearsal and 20 degree weather!


We honeymooned in the Dominican Republic shortly after.


And the rest is history!


We don’t have any babies yet (hopefully soon!) but we do have two little pups that are like children 🙂





We got Leinie from my in-laws in January 2012 (they breed little dogs).


She’s the sweetest little thing.



Destin was the newest edition to our little family – we got him from my in-laws in January 2015.


And two years later, he’s still just as energetic and playful as when he learned how to walk! Yes, I realize I’m talking about him like he’s a child but we just love him 🙂


I mean…. 🙂

I shared more about them here and lots more pictures!

Well, that’s our little family!  I can’t wait to hear about all of yours!


A Galentine’s Brunch

Hello and Happy Monday!  We had a low key weekend (lunch and time with my brother and SIL and a fun diaperkeg party!) but somehow it still managed to fly by!

I can’t believe tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! I feel like it was just New Years and all of a sudden we’re in the middle of February!

A sweet friend and I hosted a fun Galentine’s Brunch yesterday to celebrate a few of our favorite gals! It was so nice to get together and catch up over some waffles, donuts and mimosas 😍

PS – let’s see how  many times I can use the word “love”! ha!

I mean.. who doesn’t love donuts?!

Love me some diy yogurt parfaits! 🍓

Love any chance to use our waffle iron (thanks to Cyndi for manning the grill!).

If you haven’t tried Champagne Bears before – they’re a total game changer and I think you should click “add to cart” right now!! Plus, they’re super cute and that’s all that matters, right?!

Love these girls 😍
Parties and Mimosas are totally my love language! Anyone else with me on that?!

So much fun with such sweet girls (and little ones!).  We’re already planning the next event!  At-home spa day, anyone?! 😘