Weekend wrap-up!

Whew!  I know I say this every weekend (you’d think I’d be used to it by now…) but I literally blinked and it’s back to Monday!  But my  heart is so full after such a fun weekend so let’s hope it boils over to the week!

What did I do this weekend that made me so happy, you ask?!

Well, I’ll tell you… I headed to Madison for the weekend with my Mama to visit my sister and nieces!

What did we do while I was there, you ask?  Well, maybe you’re not really asking but I’m telling anyway..

Friday was nice and easy!  We relaxed a little, made a fun popcorn Valentine treat, enjoyed pizza, played some monopoly (and wine) and watched Girl on a Train!

PSA: My sister and I used to not be close.. I mean, I was the annoying little sister BUT about 15 years ago, something changed and she’s one of my favorite people (and BIG SURPRISE: I’m one of hers too :)).

My mama brought some sweet Valentine gifts (mainly for my nieces) since we won’t see her for the holiday so of course, we needed to take some pictures!

Super cute little rain boots for when we take the pups out (or need to grab them to come inside!) and seriously.. she got them for $1!  How cute are they?!

Can’t wait to share this easy recipe on the blog for Valentine’s Day! Love being able to do stuff like this with my nieces! I’m in complete denial that T is going to be in high school in the Fall…

T had volleyball practice Friday night, so we played some Monopoly with S while we waited for her to come home!

And practiced “dabbing” with the headbands S sewed for us 🙂

Sweet girl sewed this headband for me ❤

Saturday was my Mama’s birthday and I’m so glad we could all be together for it!

I started the morning off with breakfast with one of my good friends from college (and met her sweet baby girl!) and I just love when we get time together!

We went to TNT’s for some waffles and coffee! I should have taken a pic of my waffles because they were huge but I was too busy devouring them, chatting and holding that sweet little baby!

I mean…. how precious is she?!  She was also the sweetest little thing and so well behaved! 😍

Side note: I met Niki in my English class in the fall of my Freshman year (can’t believe that was 11 years ago!) – she was so cute, spunky, welcoming and fun!  She totally made my years at EC worth the change from FL 🙂 And I’m so so glad we’re still good friends – it’s such an easy friendship that I’m so thankful for!

After breakfast, we headed to Niki’s house for a quick home tour and I’m so glad I got a chance to see all the fixing up they’ve done!

Love any time I get with them!

After visiting with the girls, I headed to play some mini golfing with my family and to start the celebrating!

A little obsessed with these videos 🙂

Sorry for the photo overload but let’s be real.. I love pictures 😍 #bigshock

Love these ones 🙂

Love the replica of Madison at Vitense!

I clearly needed to take approximately 1253 pictures and share them all because otherwise, it didn’t happen right?! 🙂 Ha!

After kicking butt at mini golf- I was 1 over par – we headed for the only logical place: Pedro’s- for some margaritas lunch!

After stuffing our faces with chips, salsa, margaritas and I suppose actual lunch too – we headed for some much needed relaxation! And a fun word game too 🙂

And of course some wine! Because #duh

And this little video because #reallife

We celebrated some more with angel food cake and presents- my Mama’s fav!

We were a little heated after playing “don’t steal my word!”. Have any of you ever played that card game?!  The words that come out are hilarious – especially if you include some slang!  According to S – “you really expand your vocabulary with this game”. Ha!

The dictionary was our BFF that night 🙂She loved her VS robe 🙂 Ps – we stopped in there after mini golfing and all clearance sleepwear was $7.50-$15!  And bras were $14.99… yassss!

And because it seems like all we did was drink this weekend – we headed out to the Nitty Gritty for all-you-can-drink birthday drinks and apps 🤗

We ended the night with a movie date with my nieces at home – the Storks was the pick of the night!

Sunday came and it was time for us to head home… it’s always so bittersweet leaving family weekends especially when it’ll be a while until we’re back but it was wonderful coming home to Logan and the pups 🙂

How was your weekend?!  Did you do anything crazy or was it laid back?


8 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up!

  1. Lisa Richardson says:

    What a fun weekend!!! That sweet baby could be a pixie fairy if you put wings on her. She’s precious. I couldn’t quit looking at your Lilly top and your mom’s scarf. Are they the same pattern. Both are so pretty.


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