Valentine Gal Gift Guide

Happy Tuesday!

I know we’re still a little ways out from Valentine’s Day BUT I thought I’d share a little gift guide in case you’re the giving (or receiving) type!  We don’t generally do a lot of big gifts – normally just a little dinner and maybe some flowers! But if we did gifts then these would be on the top of my list!


love wine glass / pineapple jewelry dish / floral coffee mug / cosmetic pouch / ‘Whatever’ workout tank / floral phone case / Tease perfume rollerball  / love bracelet / Laurel scented candle / love pillow / Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment

I mean, how cute is that phone case?! And that workout tank – I might actually enjoy working out a little more if I had one of those 🙂

What are some things on your wish list?  Do you do anything fancy or if you’re not with the one you love – do you do a girls night?


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