What I’m Wearing Wednesday!

Hello and Happy Wednesday!  The weather has been surprisingly warm this week (when I say warm I mean like 25+ 😂 but no complaints here!) and I was happy to be able to put on a dress yesterday and not completely freeze!

I shared a few of my thoughts and sharing an outfit that’s $200+ is not something I’d ever do so the outfit I’m sharing today is on sale and you might want one in every color!

I’ll take one in every color! No joke. When I find a top, dress, jeans etc that I like I tend to buy it in every color.. if you feel good in it, you have to right?! 

I’ll take a comfy dress and over the knee boots any day! 

It will definitely become an outfit in my rotation every week/month!

What are some of your favorites to wear weekly/monthly? 


11 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing Wednesday!

  1. Kelcy Duvall says:

    Love that dress! It looks so cute with your over the knee boots. And I’m exactly the same way when it comes to finding something I like. I bought the same sweater in 4 different colors a while back. 😳 Have a good day!

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