Weekend Recap! 

I feel ya little girl… Totally how I’m feeling since it’s already Monday and we’re headed to a full week!  Regular two days weekends just go by way too fast! I know I’ve said it a million times but for real.. three day weekends are where it’s at – so if you could switch that around, that would be great!

We had a relaxing weekend and it was seriously the best!

Friday night – I had a girls night with one of my bests and it was so much fun!  We had happy hour and dinner at Old Chicago before heading to see Sing!

I can’t remember the last time I was at an Old Chicago so it was a nice change up!

Sing was so cute! Our one critic – We both said we wish there was more singing and music throughout the movie! It is called Sing after all!  I’m a huge Reese Witherspoon fan if you didn’t know so I was excited to see Rosita 🙂 I always feel a little funny at kid movies because we were literally the only people there without children! Ha!

Saturday, the hubs and I cleaned the basement out!  I hadn’t put my Christmas stuff away under the stairs yet so it kind of looked like Santa was hiding down there! Which if so, I didn’t find him after all was said and done 😦 After about 4 hours of cleaning, we decided to hit up some Bingo!

We haven’t won in years so I wasn’t sure I wanted to go – not a sore loser but it just isn’t fun if we never win! If you follow me on Snapchat (ballwekl) then you’d know that this time…

Yes, I’m wearing a ridiculously similar shirt as the night before.. Love me some Lilly!

I won!  We were even 1 away from the $1099 jackpot! The hubs kept saying “if we win twice, we’re going to get lottery tickets!” Ha! We didn’t win twice but once was enough for me!

We watched the football games after we got home and a little Con Air that was on tv 🙂 Can’t believe it was from 1997!

I mean… look at that mullet! 😂

Sunday was a day to totally relax (because cleaning and bingo took a lot out of us!) – we did some grocery shopping for game day and I did a little Valentine’s Day decorating (I love pink and red in case you didn’t know!)! It was 30 degrees out which was so warm compared to the previous weeks! I’m ready for the 40 degree weather we’re supposed to have this week! I can’t even believe it’ll be that warm!

Oh yeah.. and we watched the Packers kick some butt!

I just thought this was so funny #becausemaury

 But really… it was a close game and I thought I was going to have a heart attack the last quarter but in the end we pulled out the win! Onto the Falcons next week… one more win to the Super Bowl!

How was your weekend?! Did you watch the football games or do more exciting things?!

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Hope y’all have a fabulous Monday!


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