Happy Hour, Resolutions + Survey!

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Clearly learning how to make better logos should also be on my list of goals for this year!

Today, I’m linking up with Holly from  Osborn Extravaganza for a little Happy Hour.  This is a new link up we’ll be doing once a month so you can get to know us better!  So grab your glass of wine, cocktail or bailey’s and coffee (I won’t judge :)) and read all about something you truly care about; some of our New Years Resolutions! Ha!

I’m not one to make specific resolutions usually because to be honest, I don’t keep them longer than 3 days!  Every year, I think my priority goals should be to “eat better, work out more, get healthier” like everyone else thinks but I don’t like to let myself down by setting too many goals right away.  #isuckatkeepingthem

This year I have a little different resolution; to just be better.  I’d like to be better with everything that I do and to truly treat every day as the blessing that it is!

I do however, have a few actual goals… and hope that by writing them down it will hold me accountable.. just maybe!


To cook at least 3 meals a week… y’all I’ve been good at this so far! I’ve cooked 2 meals this week and made some yummy Butterfinger Blondies for dessert on Tuesday.  Again, I’m sure this won’t last longer than a few weeks but I’m hoping it will make me love being in the kitchen more and in turn, make me want to cook more! #wishfulthinking


To use my cute new workout clothes to actually work out in and not just as fakeout wear at home.  To go to the gym or get a workout in at home 3 times a week.  This goal usually doesn’t stick BUT I didn’t go the gym once this past year and I paid all year #donation. So this year, I’d like to actually go to the gym and I’m hoping my new cute workout clothes I ordered during the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale will help motivate me 🙂  Want to see what I ordered? Just let me know 😉


To produce a blog post at least 3 times a week!  Some weeks, I was really good at this last year and other weeks I failed miserably.  I really enjoy this little space and am so thankful for all of you that follow along so I’m hoping I can at least keep this goal going…

I’d love your help with this… if you could answer 6 easy questions about my blog, that would be awesome!


Learn to say no.  Honestly, this past year we were so incredibly busy that it was hard to stop and smell the roses (aka do things we wanted to do!!).  It’s hard to say no for me (and the hubs) because we both have a bad case of FOMO but to truly be present at everything we say  yes to, we have to learn to say no sometimes!


This one is a huge one for me (and the hubs) – to stop making people a priority who we’re only simply an option for.  The other week, we were talking about trying to keep up with all of these people and really make our friendships flourish and we stopped and realized that a lot of them aren’t putting in that effort or time that we’re willing to or have been.  And honestly, I don’t have time for that anymore.  There are so many people that we would like to consider good friends that maybe don’t have those same intentions with us and I’m over it.  We want to make time for the people who make time for us; whether that means visiting us, catching up with us, even just simple texts to see how the other is doing.  We have been living in Minnesota for almost 6.5 years now and to be honest, we have a ton of people that have never even made an effort to visit us or see where we live, yet we make the effort almost always.  It might sound harsh but life is short and we want to make the effort where it’s warranted and wanted.


Purging my closet!  I am clearly a fan of shopping #shocker (did I mention the Lilly sale is going on today?!) and the more I’ve added to my closet, the more I need to get rid of!  My goal is to go through my closet and purge anything that hasn’t been worn in the last 3 months.

Phew.. that was a lot! Especially for someone who doesn’t make a lot of resolutions, right?? 😉

Some goals, huh?! Here’s to hoping I can keep at least a few throughout the year!  If  you haven’t already, I’d love for you to take my quick survey so I can get a little more information about what you’d like to see on the blog in 2017! Have you made some New Years resolutions or goals? 

I’ll be back later today to show some of my purchases from the big sale today and give you a heads up on what’s a good deal (for the items left!).  


18 thoughts on “Happy Hour, Resolutions + Survey!

  1. Jess @ Red White & Sass says:

    Girl keep preaching with number 5. I’ve been struggling with that so much lately and you’re SO right, I’m over it too. But it is nice having friendly bloggers out there who are in the same boat I am. Sometimes it kinda bums me out but like you, I’ve been trying to find peace in it.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. justjuliemcgrath says:

    I feel like we are so alike! Your goals are like mine in a way! I love number 4. Saying no is so important and you feel awesome when you realize you just can’t do it all. I also loved the survey you did. Great way to get some new ideas. I will have to remember that! PS- I wanted to link up to your post today haha, but then realized it was just for you two! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • happilyevergriedls says:

      Yes!! I totally agree- I hate saying no to things but after last year, I will be exercising that word frequently 🙂 we totally thought about doing a link up but didn’t know how many would be interested! You should link up with us next month 🙂 I totally think we’d be great friends!


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