Salvation Army Gifts

So I had every intention of showing you the remainder of our home today for Christmas.. BUT our kitchen is a little bit of a disaster.. we’re getting new appliances this Friday (which I’m pretty excited about!) and my husband thought it would be a good idea to try to take out the dishwasher this last weekend… just to see if he could.. and then decided to not stick it back so it’s literally peeking out a bit with all the fluff and we’re down to hand washing dishes!

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So because of the eye sore… and the massive amount of dishes that are drying, I thought I’d wait and show you it when we have the new appliances in next week! 🙂 I’m just hoping either get them in before the party or that the hubs puts the dishwasher back in at least for looks! We’ll see…

So anyway.. I thought I’d share a fun little thing the hubs and I did this year..

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We purchased some gifts for the Salvation Army Angel Tree for 2 kids.  The hubs has a board at work with kids names on it and what they’d like for Christmas (and their ages).  He picked two off the tree on Monday and we set out to get some gifts they are hoping for!

We have 2 10 year old kids (one girl, one boy) who wanted nerf guns, minecraft, headphones and a guitar.  Well, the hubs thought maybe a ukulele kit would be a good start for a guitar player.. we’ll see how it goes!

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It’s always fun this time of year to think of the less fortunate and give a little (if you can).  I wish we could wrap up these gifts and make them all pretty but unfortunately they request them without wrapping… so off to work they’ll go with my husband.

We used to do this when I was little with my Mama every year.. we’d go to the mall, pick an ornament with a kids name and buy them a present.  It really was one of my favorite things!  We’d like to start making this a tradition again.

Do you do any type of gifts for children?  If so, what programs do you use?!

Anyway – this is a lot of writing and as we all know.. boring. So have a great Hump Day!


8 thoughts on “Salvation Army Gifts

  1. Beth says:

    I used to go to the mall with my mom and pick a name off of the tree too! I loved it and would like to start doing it again!! What I really like about your husband’s work is that the kids put what they want. I always struggled with more of the teenagers when our tags just listed their ages and we had to guess what they wanted.

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    • happilyevergriedls says:

      Love this tradition!! I can’t wait to do it when we have kids as well 🙂 I know.. my husband sent me a picture of the board with all the names and there were so many left! I asked him about it and he said they keep replenishing it.. I asked if his company would buy the other gifts?! But he didn’t know. I feel so bad for all those kiddos!


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