Cookie Exchange Guide

Happy Hump Day and last day of November!  It’s so hard to believe tomorrow marks the beginning of December and I already feel like the holiday season will be over before we know it – which if you know me… makes me so sad!

In the mean time, I’m trying to soak in as much holiday as I can 🙂 I’ve  mentioned before and I’ll probably mention it like 10 more times BUT I’m hosting a cookie exchange party next Friday night and can’t wait!  I’ve started to make lots of lists and DIY projects to prepare and thought I’d share the few things on my list!


  • Invites: First and foremost – making cute invites!  I’ll show you mine after I share the event but I just made my own! So simple and there’s a lot of free templates on google! I love getting fun snail mail compared to just bills #adultlife so I made sure to mail these instead of just email!
  • Cookies: This is a given – I can’t wait to indulge a bit – who am I kidding?! I want to eat them allll! I indicated on the invite that everyone should bring 4 dozen of their cookies and email me a copy of the recipe about a week before so I can compile them all for everyone to take home
  • Prizes & Gifts:  I have a gift for everyone to take home at the end of the party and a gift for the best cookie (everyone will vote after trying them all!)
  • Holiday Games: I have a few in mind and I hope all the girls love them too – think Family Feud and a Christmas song game – I have a running list of songs but need a lot for it so if you have some favorites, let me know!
  • Appetizers & snacks: This is a must for me because I love to eat 🙂 And we’ll need something to balance all those cookies!  I don’t think we’ll end up eating too many though so that everyone has lots to take home! Those hubbies and boyfriends want to reap some benefits of this party!
  • Drinks: I’m planning to make a big batch of crock-pot hot cocoa and of course, I’ll have some alcoholic drink options as well – #givemeallthewine
  • Festive Photo booth: This isn’t necessarily a must but if you know me (which all these girls do obv) then you know I am all about pictures so any chance I can get to make a photo booth, I’m in!  It’ll be my first one ever to tackle but I can’t wait to bring out some creativity… or if all else fails – the props will be funny
  • Holiday Jammies: I am all about comfort and Christmas #duh so I thought it would be fun to play some Hollywood Game Night games (holiday style) in our jammies

  • Decorations: This  shouldn’t be too hard since we already have our tree up and all the decor but just in case you’re not in the full festive mood – make a DIY tassel garland and you’ll be set 🙂 Or if you don’t want to make it – you can order one here or lots of other places too!
  • Fun friends:  Another given but make sure you gather up all your fun gals for this night because it’ll be a few hours of fun and hopefully can be turned into an annual event!

Are any of you planning a fun holiday party?! If so, anything I’m missing from my list?! Hope you’re having an easy week adjusting back to work – seriously though, can I just be a stay at home dog mom?! I think I’d love that job until kiddos come 🙂 Anyone with me on that?!


8 thoughts on “Cookie Exchange Guide

  1. Jenny says:

    I’ve been wanting to plan a Christmas party, but I always feel like I wait too long, and then I think maybe next year. I guess I should just do it. Thanks for all the ideas. 🙂


  2. Beth says:

    I can’t wait to read how your party goes! I so want to have a cookie exchange next year , but in the meantime I’m trying to plan our Christmas dinner. I can’t wait to host it! 🎄

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