Weekend Wrap Up

I know I just had a four day weekend but seriously… How is it Monday already?  I need more days off.  Anyone with me on that one?  Thankfully, it’s only a four day work week this week.. Chicago on Friday!

Anyway… onto how our first Thanksgiving as a married couple went  🙂

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my side of the family so on Thursday morning we loaded up the car and dogs and headed to my Mama’s in Eau Claire.


We went to my Grandma’s and enjoyed lots of food, football and games!

After that – my Mama, Sister and I hit the stores!


Clearly we were a little exhausted!  We loved Bath and Body Works’ renovated store!!


We shopped until we dropped… or until we decided we were ready for more wine and more food.

The next morning we played the game Loaded Questions and it was such a funny game!! If you haven’t played before – you need to! But it’s not necessarily G rated so beware who you play it with 🙂


Oh yeah.. and made a Starbucks run, of course!

The puppies reaped some benefits from Starbucks as well with their favorite – pupaccinos!

Destin got one too but he was in the backseat 🙂

After our game and breakfast – we set out for more shopping because #duh.


Back seat riding with this cute little mini-me of mine 🙂


We were a little tired after so much shopping! And somehow got free massages! #winning


My brother was a little bit over it… per usual 🙂


We headed back home on Friday night and did a whole lot of couch sitting – and Stranger Things watching! I get it.. we’re way late to the game but we definitely got into it!

Saturday, we ran a few errands and started our Thanksgiving feast as a married couple.  The hubs loves to cook so he was so excited to cook a huge little feast for us two!



It was so good! And another reason I’m thankful for that sweet husband of  mine!

Oh yeah.. and we finished Stranger Things on Netflix 🙂 I won’t give away an spoilers.. although let’s be real, I’m pretty sure everyone has already watched it!

Sunday morning, bright and early, we set out to find the perfect Christmas tree!


We would usually cut down our own tree but the hubs didn’t feel like getting all wet and muddy while laying down to cut it so we did the pre-cut trees at Rum River Tree Farm.


With a PSL of course 🙂

I couldn’t decide between the White Pines and the Balsam Firs (think those were the names?!) because the White Pines were so beautiful but ultimately the Balsam won out!


And seriously…. I couldn’t believe how expensive Christmas trees were today (and everywhere when I looked online!).  I mean, it’s crazy that they run $60-$100… at least to me any way! When the hubs kept looking at the prices, I told him we could get a fake one for $150 and have it forever… but his response was a “hell no!”.  I enjoy the smell of the real trees anyway 🙂


Got this baby home safely 🙂


And she found herself a home 🙂

We put the lights on last night and will decorate it more tonight! There’s just something about the fresh tree smell and the lights that make life so much better!  If only I could keep her up all year… hmm… 😉

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?! Did you get a lot of good deals? Or waiting for today, Cyber Monday?



3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Leslie Z. says:

    I’m loving all of your porch decor! It always looks so perfect! It looks like you had an amazing 4 days off and no, you’re not the only one dreading being back at work! 😦


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