Wine Wednesday Gift Guide!

Calling all you wine lovers out there!! How fun are these wine glasses?! And seriously… the towel set is my total way of thinking since I’m a white wine drinker over red!  I came across these wine glasses and thought they were so fun!  One of my favorite things about drinking wine is when it’s out of fun glasses and if they’re festive… I clearly need them 🙂


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It’s no surprise that I love wine… I mean, it’s usually one of my favorite things! My love affair started in college with Blackberry Arbor Mist which I realize is juice but it started it all nonetheless.  Now, I’m a huge fan of white wines… the sweeter the better usually – Rieslings and Moscatos are definite favorites but let’s be real.. if there’s only red, I’ll drink it 🙂

Oh yeah and if you want to know my favorite wines that you HAVE to try (or bring as a gift and just convince them to open it immediately); this one is my favorite but I really love this one! Story behind that last one.. the hubs took me to a fancy restaurant as one of our first dates and ordered this bottle of wine and it quickly became one of my favorites! Also, note that it’s marked down to $7.50 – it was at least $35 at the restaurant! If you’re looking for a sweet red, try this one!

Do you have any friends or family that are huge wine drinkers?! Or maybe even just yourself? 😉


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