Weekend Rewind!

How is it already Monday?!

I feel like this…

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 54 Pics:

but decided to possibly be an adult today and do this…

Yup...today is one of those days  #monday    #meme    #coffee    #motivation:

I’ll just put on some Christmas music instead 🙂

And because we could all use a laugh..


None of you readers of course 🙂

Moving on… this weekend was so  nice!! We relaxed at home and honestly, didn’t have any plans for once!!

Friday night, we made homemade Shrimp Alfredo and it was mighty tasty!  I followed this recipe for the Alfredo sauce and was surprised that it was so good! The hubs isn’t too fond of pasta (I know.. who is he?!) so we never make it.  On Friday when I asked what he wanted for dinner (while at the store), I was shocked to see Shrimp Alfredo.. I didn’t ask twice 😉


After dinner, I decorated the house into a Winter Wonderland (yes, I’m that person :)) and really, I hung a few strands of garland and started the rest of the house!  I also finished My Santa on Hulu because it’s all the Christmas movies all the time in this house until Christmas!

Also, this happened..


so there’s that. Apparently little Desty was hungry….

Saturday, we ran a few errands and then the hubs hung Christmas lights.  I will say I’m thankful that he offered (or I like to think he offered :)) but precision isn’t his thing when it comes to those lights.  He doesn’t care how they look as long as they’re up there.. and I have to be OK with that…

I’m trying!

We, then had left overs for dinner (we’re crazy over here!) and I made some Salted Caramel Brownies for dessert per the husband’s request!


They turned out pretty good and it will definite stay in my recipe book – or Pinterest page because let’s be real, that’s easier sometimes!


We ended the night with watching some Zootopia, Robin Hood and Seinfeld (because Four Christmases wasn’t happening :()


Sunday, I headed over to one of my girlfriend’s house for some Mimosas, Kettle Corn and Cinnamon Rolls – hey, we’re all for brunch right?! Can I just say… I’m  not a huge fan of Kettle Corn normally but we literally ate the whole bag.. in one sitting! Whoops – she did say brunch when she invited me! 😉


For real though – I went over there to help her with her gallery wall because I like to think I have an eye for those things. Or at least people let me believe that! It was a bit nerve wrecking watching her on that ladder.. I mean, look how far down it goes!!! But I think the Mimosas took off some of the edge 🙂

The hubs golfed this morning (big shocker, right?!) since his weekends will be limited with the weather – I mean, it has to snow sometime soon, right?! He’s hoping he can go another two weekends 🙂


We ended the day with the Packer game (ugh, what is going on guys?!) and some Wreck-It Ralph! I know it’s crazy but the hubs and I actually really like the name Vanelope 🙂 Are we crazy?!

If you’ve made it this far – you’re amazing and clearly a little bored – sorry about it!

I had to share a top and basically the same as a dress for any work or holiday parties because they are 40% off until tomorrow and so cute!

Hope this weekend was fabulous for you as well 🙂


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