Friday Faves & a little Life Lately!

A) How is it that I’ve managed to do all link ups this week?? – it’s either you’re excited to read it or it’s boring (and you’re all “get back to normal scheduled posts ASAP!”) B) How is it the second Friday in November already and it’s still 60 degrees out?! #winning C) Is Charlie’s Sheen’s “winning” still a thing?! Because I say it all the time still and I need to make sure I don’t look like a loser every time. D) While I’m at random ramblings… I saw a personalized license plate today that said “EVLTWIN” (sorry if you’re reading this person in front of me yesterday AM) and I couldn’t believe people still choose those things?! I mean, do you ever read them and sometimes think “what was that person thinking?! Or.. I really wonder what that person is like because I’d never pick such things if I personalized mine…” E) Is it time for wine yet?! It’s been a looooooong week!

Now onto normal Friday business – Favorites with Erika!



My vest from Gap Outlet is a BIG favorite of mine this week!  If you have a store by you, I suggest running there this weekend since the prices are so much better in store versus online.  But it’s on sale for $26.99 which still a pretty good deal if you don’t have a store near you!

UPDATE: there’s a 20% off coupon code as well – STYLESTASH which brings it down to $21!


I hit up the Outlet Mall in Oshkosh with my MIL and SIL for a little Christmas shopping and was so glad to stumble upon these vests!



Last week, I mentioned we were doing an Escape Room last weekend for my SIL’s 16th birthday and it was pretty fun!  It’s kinda crazy because there are a MILLION clues and numbers and most of the time, they mean NOTHING which makes it hard to decipher which ones are important!


We got out with 1 minute to spare somehow – despite what this picture shows!  I say, somehow because we were so nervous we weren’t going to make it.  Umm, hello why didn’t the worker tell us to turn our signs around when he took these?!  I mean, I didn’t look at the sign to note there were 2 sides and they weren’t both “I broke out”!

Afterwards, the boys hit the batting cages because they wanted to show off.. my husband in the “slow pitch softball…….”


Glad the hubs aunt and cousins could join us! See you at Christmas!


The Starbucks Holiday cups are out!!! I’m still drinking my favorite, Pumpkin Spice Lattes even though they aren’t as festive anymore and it makes it so much better in a red cup 🙂



I saw the movie Trolls with a friend on Wednesday and it was so cute!


And it was great to see her (we’re headed to Chicago the first weekend of December and I’m so excited for everything Christmas!)! Also, notice the vest 🙂 I wasn’t kidding.. obsessed!


I stopped into Nordstrom on my lunch to return a few things and look for some Christmas ideas and I think I fell in love with this dress..


I’m thinking this would be perfect for Thanksgiving with a faux fur vest and tights versus leggings and booties! Don’t you agree?!


This scarf has quickly become one of my favorites! I first heard about it from Shay and as soon as I tried it, I knew I would be wearing it often!


I’ve literally been wearing it with everything – don’t believe me? See for yourself below!




I know I’ve said it before BUT I’m in love with these tops and they’re under $30!

And it’s only $19. Perfect idea for Christmas or for yourself 🙂 I may or may not have bought it for someone on my Christmas list!


As I was looking at Mud Pie for cute gifts (their prices are so great!), I stumbled upon these tumblers and had to share! There’s tons of different options and you get the tumbler, bow AND wrap and they’re mainly college football themed 🙂

Game Day Tumbler Outdoorsy | Fashion | Mud Pie

These would be cute stocking stuffers and seriously they’re $2.99!  And if you want more stocking stuffers or gifts for cheaper, they have a Cute Black Bow Bag for $4.99 and tons of Game Day Infinity Scarves for only $3.99… yes, $3.99! Love this lip gloss/cosmetic bag too! And if you have littles, they have TONS of super cute outfits for them!

Seriously… how cute is this wine glass?!

Monogram Wine Glass | Living | Mud Pie

#truestory #nailedit

Well.. I think I’ve rambled enough..

We’re putting Christmas lights up on the house (before the snow and cold come) and decorating a bit for the Holidays because I’m obsessed and don’t care that Thanksgiving comes first 🙂 I need more than 30 days of Christmas in my life!

Have you started decorating yet for Christmas or do you stick to the “day after Thanksgiving” rule? Any fun plans for the weekend?



23 thoughts on “Friday Faves & a little Life Lately!

  1. Beth says:

    Love those Gap vests!!! And I took that scarf recommendation too and have been wearing it all of the time! I hope you enjoy decorating! I mentioned putting up our decorations early and my husbamd said he wasn’t quite ready! Boo!


  2. Kelcy Duvall says:

    So glad you had a fun time at the escape room! I went for the first time a few weeks ago and thought it was so much fun. Those red cups make me so happy & I LOVE your scarf! I’m thinking I may need to order it after seeing how cute it looks on both you and Shay! Have a great weekend!


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