Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Hope y’all had a fun and safe weekend – I just can’t believe it’s already November tomorrow and we’re less than 8 weeks away from Christmas.. Did y’all hear that.. LESS THAN 8 WEEKS!

Here’s a few pictures from our Halloween weekend ❤

Tell me about it… Stud!

I know, Sandy and Danny from Grease is cliche and probably over done but you know what?? I don’t care! I absolutely LOVE this movie and musical AND I was so happy when the hubs finally agreed to do A) a couples costume with me and B) Grease 🙂 Also, how many times can I say and in a sentence?? 🙂

Anyway onto more important words – Have fun with your kids trick-or-treating tonight or have fun handing out candy! Don’t be a Grinch.. share a little bit of candy 🙂 Yes, I just mixed in a little Christmas!

I’ll be back tomorrow showing how I tie my blanket scarves and a fun GIVEAWAY!


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