Friday Faves!


Friday, am I glad to see you?! Last night, Jess and I did a fun “Halloween” wine tasting and thankfully I’m not feeling it today!  What’s a Halloween wine tasting you ask..? Well, you really didn’t but I’ll tell you anyway – it’s a normal wine tasting.. yup.. in a “heated” tent!  Anoka, for being the Halloween Capital of the World, you need to step up your game!  There were no decorations or dark lights.. it was legit a tent and it was cold so step up your game on the heated part too, thank you!

Now that you listened to me complain, let’s get on with some favorites for the week!


Even though, it was kind of lame in the decoration department, the wine tasting was a blast!  I had such a fun time with Jess and the downtown area is so cute!  We snapped a few pictures which I can’t wait to share 🙂 We also ran into a sweet girl that I met last year at a nearby winery (I haven’t seen her since that day!) and it was so good to chat! Love finding people that I’m clearly on the same page as ;)… and I’m thinking we’ll have lots more “run ins” soon!


Halloween is definitely a favorite – Hello, I love all Holidays… and it’s such a fun time dressing up in outfits you may never usually wear!

I shared all about past costumes here!


Want to know what’s going on in our world?!  I’m not gonna lie.. it’s pretty exciting! And by that, I mean, not really exciting at all but I shared all about it on “What’s Up, Wednesday“.



These sweet treats for Halloween! It just takes pretzels, candy melts and some candy corn for this festive treat! 

Layer the pretzels with 1 candy melt.

Bake at 325 for 3-4 minutes or until the chocolate starts to melt a little. I left mine in the oven a little too long but they were still tasty!

Remove them from the oven and place a candy corn in them and let “harden” a little and you’re set! 

Four thoughts is enough for me on this Friday and enough to read I’m sure! One other favorite because #whynot; I have a fun giveaway next weekend (hint it’s for one of my favorite scarves!) so make sure you check back for details! Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween weekend! 🎃


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