Halloween Costumes!

Looking back through the years, I can’t believe I thought those looked good!  I mean.. remember back in college when it was like “the thing” to try to look so cute in any costume 🙂 Now, I’m just happy I can come up with something quick!   I thought it would be fun to look back from college to now on some of my Halloween costumes! No judgments, right?!


This was my first year going out in EC and clearly the “fairy” costume was all about appeal! I probably froze my booty off this night, but looking good was all that mattered.. am I right??


Hmm.. a “sexy” school girl.. real original, right? And seriously.. not so sexy! haha!


This was right after “Cowboy Casanova” came out by Carrie Underwood and these were a total hit at the bars!  I also didn’t have my ID this year (but was 21!) – but thankfully in a smaller town, knowing quite a few people helps 🙂


Another original costume.. 🙂 And the only time the hubs went as a somewhat “couple” costume with me!  He was Dr. Tigglebitties and I was Nurse Ophelia – he loved that part! Haha!


A ballerina and Rickie Fowler for the win! 🙂


This was a hard year – and we weren’t sure if we were going to go out but decided to hit up Elaine’s annual Halloween party for a little bit last minute!  I have to say.. I think L totally wears this nurses costume much better than me!


We had my final bridal shower this weekend at my Mama’s and we dressed up a little bit to take the kids out trick or treating!


It’s a surprise!!  I’ll be back on Monday to show off what we dressed as – I tried to get L to be the Danny to my Sandy since Grease is one of my all time favorite movies but of course he didn’t care for that idea!  I’m hoping mine turns out because you never know with #diycostumes!

Do you have any funny or cute pictures from previous Halloweens?  What were your best costumes?!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes!

  1. blueeyedbloggeronline says:

    Haha omg – I LOVE seeing old Halloween costumes!! Especially couples’ ones. Mine & my fiance’s costume this year is a surprise too : ) Can’t wait to see yours!

    btw – him dressed as the nurse & you as the doctor…hilarious!!


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