Weekend re-cap!

I can’t believe the weekend is already over and we’re back to reality.. 

And can we just talk about how it’s the last week of October.. Where did this month go?! I feel like it was just yesterday that everyone told me it “wasn’t time for fall” yet and now we’re getting ready to celebrate Halloween and then it’s November!  Bring on the Christmas music! 😂

Love the trees in our yard!

This weekend was one for the books! And by that I mean, we didn’t do a whole lot! It was glorious! Friday night, we literally did nothing! I made pork chops in the crockpot.. And just relaxed a bit!

Saturday, the hubs golfed (imagine that!) and I ran quite a few errands! I also started addressing some of our Christmas cards.. Because #imafreak and I figured I’d get it out of the way since I had a little time! Don’t worry, I’m not sending them out still for a little bit!

The hubs and I had a date night later.

And per usual- we got my favorite Spinach and Artichoke dip!

We ate at Jakes Grill and I can’t say either of us were very impressed..

Can’t believe we’ve been married almost 11 months!

We also looked at appliances because #wereold and that stuff is fun!

Sunday came and we were set to host a small “pumpkin carving” party! We made the best White Chicken Chili (seriously so good!) and had some cheddar bay biscuits as well 🙂 

Everyone was so sweet and brought a little bit of treats and appetizers as well! 

All the boys decided they were not going to carve any pumpkins because they’re lame and poor Steph didn’t get a chance to carve hers because of sweet baby Isaac but it was still a ton of fun!

The girls with their “uncarved” pumpkins!

My finished pumpkin.. Can you tell what it is?! Oh yeah- and we’re so festive we even had pumpkin wine 🙂

Elaine decided to do a pretty tough design so it took her just a bit of time.. 

But totally worth the hard work in the end! 

Sorry it’s a little dark.. The hubs decided the lights needed to be off in order to see all the designs! 

All in all – it was a fun and low key weekend which are my favorites! We have some fun plans this week for Halloween and I’m pretty excited; A Halloween wine tasting, Halloween house tours and a sweet little 5 year olds Halloween birthday party! I’m making my costume so we’ll see how well it works out 😉

Any fun halloween plans for you guys this weekend? What are you dressing up as? 

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