Weekend Re-wind!

I swear the weekends go by faster and faster every weekend!  It’s Monday and I’m already exhausted!  I’m definitely not excited for it to be Monday but know what I am excited about…?

Buddy the Elf - Only 9 more mondays until christmas!!

That’s right… only 9 more Mondays until it’s Christmas and that I am excited about 🙂

Anyway.. I had a jam packed weekend with my family in Eau Claire and it always goes by too quick!  My sister (and nieces) and I headed to Eau Claire after work on Friday for the night and almost immediately headed out to dinner at Olive Garden!  It was a #givemeallthewine #andpasta #andbread type of meal and yes, I know it’s insanely unhealthy and fattening but it was good!

I seriously LOVE seeing these girls 🙂


Missing: Grandma 🙂

Yes, i’m totally that person who asks people to take our pictures in public.. it helped that our server was a little bored and asked if she could take our picture instead this time!

After we finished up eating – we headed home for a little hot tub time!  It was a nice night for once (not too chilly!) and it was nice just sticking my feet in!


I don’t care how old they get.. they will always be so cute!!!


They had fun!

The next morning, us girls headed out for a quick Starbucks/McDonalds/Kwik Trip run in our pajamas!


My sister was a little embarrassed to go in public in pajamas (we went through the drive thrus!) so she put on some leggings!

We finally got ready and ran a few errands before heading to the “main event”.  Our first stop.. Savers to look for Halloween costumes for the girls!


don’t worry.. we didn’t get this one! ha!

Then we headed to Ferguson’s Orchard so I could get a few dip packets (seriously… my favorite!).

And guess what part was my favorite…..??


If you guessed the Christmas section then give yourself a gold star!


Love my Mama and Sister 🙂


Then we headed to get my Grandma and off to Pasture Valley Farm for their fall fun..

Let me tell you… the struggle was so real to get there!!  It took us about an hour to get there (should have been a 20 minute drive..) because I put in the wrong name in the GPS which took us to the middle of nowhere.  I was driving and Bre and Trinity were getting severely car sick. All of a sudden, the gas light goes on and I yelled “We’re on E!” and our navigator, Bre said “duh, yeah you’ll turn on E!” to which I responded “No.. we’re running out of gas quickly and we’re in the middle of nowhere!!”.  It’s a bit of a laugh now but we totally thought we were going to have to knock on someone’s door and ask for help. Thankfully, I got us to a gas station by 94 and we were no longer so lost.

Flashbacks of Texas Chainsaw Massacre kept going through my head out there in the country!


We finally made it there and met up with my Brother and SIL.  First thing, we got some food (we were seriously STARVING) and then off to the hay ride.


Then we did the “spooky trail” which spoiler alert: not too spooky!


Next we tackled the hay bale maze:


Thankfully my cousin’s husband was there to help with some pictures – it would have been a lot of awkward “can you take our picture” conversations otherwise!

The hay bales were all painted fun and “spooky” Halloween things!

Then onto the corn maze:


And then we finished the day off with the petting zoo!


I’m pretty sure if they said she could take these little baby chicks home, she would have!!

These girls loved feeding the goats and sheep!

They make my heart so full ❤


Adults can have fun too, right?!

Sydney decided to get a fox painted on her face 🙂


Her face paint was pretty legit!! Usually I feel like it’s not that good or a lot more simple but hers.. hers was on point 🙂

We ended the day with dinner at Playmakers before we all headed home!

We dropped my Grandma off at her house and I scooped up my car to finish packing up!


My sister and I headed home that night and Sunday was spent lounging a bit..

and a little meal planning (who am I?!) so I actually cook a meal this week!!

Hope you all had the best weekend ever – even if you just relaxed and did nothing 🙂



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